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Indian Wedding Pangkor

Last Sunday, march 2008, I was invited for an Indian wedding at the Vikri Beach Resort in Pasir Bogak, almost at the beach of Pulau Pangkor. The Vikri Beach Resort has a big ground in front of the chalets which gives plenty of space for a wedding ceremony.

Arrival of the bride
Arrival of the bride

Special for the occasion the management of the Vikri had build a small pavilion in which the ceremony would take place. I arrived at the resort around 10am, the time were groom and bride were expected to arrive. It took a little longer.

The groom in his part of the marriage ceremony

Around 10.30 the bride arrived and the marriage ceremony took off with the groom who entered the pavilion which was turned into a small shrine.

Indian Wedding at Vikir Beach resortThe Hindu tradition demands a ceremony for the groom, followed by a ceremony of the bride. After that, a ceremony takes place with bride and groom together.

During the ceremony offerings from family take place.

An Indian wedding is always colorful. The participants dress up in traditional clothing, which, especially for the ladies saries can be very expensive.

The choice of Pangkor for the ceremony was obvious because the bride was a local Pangkor lady while the groom was a man from Kuala Lumpur.

The father of the groom explained me they had chosen the Vikri Beach Resort because of the space in front of the chalets, were also some of their guests stayed. Under the trees the open area is quite cool, even in the heat of the day.

Guests began to arrive. The Vikri Beach Resort is so big it seems as if there were only a few. But I was told there were more then 600 people around.

The bride in her part of the marriage ceremony
The bride in her part of the marriage ceremony

At the end of the ceremony the food started to arrive. At this time the ceremony was at its finishing phase.

Bride and groom together
Bride and groom together

It was now time for some group photos of the married couple with the family.

A that time some of the guest couldn't resist to start eating the great food which was prepared for the wedding. Mr. Vijay, owner of the Vikri Beach Resort explained there were vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes, with a total of 15. Choice enough.

The pavilion converted into a Hindu shrine for the occassion
The pavilion converted into a Hindu shrine for the occasion

More and more family and friends from around the island came to congratulate the happy couple. Some people came even for a day trip from Kuala Lumpur.

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