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Motor-cycling around Pangkor

Cycling may not be your first thought for going around Pangkor. However, by bicycle you will get a lot more out of the country (Malaysia) and Pangkor. Therefore I wrote this page to show you how you can use a bicycle or motorbike (scooter) to go around and get the most out of the island.

Pasir Bogak beach

Pasir Bogak beach

Pulau Pangkor has a circle road which is 18 km long. The road is at some parts steep and difficult. Even with a motorbike or scooter it can be dangerous. On the mainland the roads are mostly flat and easy, unless of course you go off the main road and drop into the plantations.

At the southern strip of Pangkor

Bicycles and motorbikes can be rented at Pangkor but also in Lumut. If you stay at Pangkor you may be able to rent one at your hotel.

Around Pangkor
Around Lumut you will find kampongs where time seem to have stand still

On the island, as said, the circle road will lead you all around the island. The only exception is the road out of Pangkor Town to Teluk Gedung. This road will lead you to the Dutch Fort and Tiger Rock, both worth a visit. The few kilometers to both go over a few short but steep hills.

pangkor ikan bilis
Walk into the ikan bilis shop of Mr. and Mrs Beh in Pangkor town
and explore the way ikan bilis is processed

Don't forget to cycle all the way to the end of the road which offers a nice view towards the Perak mainland.

Back in Pangkor Town, continue along the coastline to the fishing villages. Some of the best local food is here to be found.

Around Pangkoron motorbike or bicycle

Further north, out of the village, the road gets steeper, you will pass the entry of the jungle trekking (see my jungle trekking over Pangkor page for details) and the garbage dump area.

The continuing kilometers will lead over a 2 kilometer hill to Teluk Dalam and the airport. Another shorter climb follows before you reach Coral Bay and Teluk Nipah. The next beach will be Teluk Ketapang followed by a short climb to Pasir Bogak. The last few kilometers are flat towards Pangkor Town

Cycling around Lumut at the Perak mainland

I have written 2 pages with two distinctive different routes on the mainland. The disadvantage of a motorbike is the noise that disturbs the tranquillity of the Damar Laut (opposite of Lumut) area.

Pangkor Suspension Bridge
Find the suspension bridge at Pasir Bogak

Having said that, take a motorbike and you can easily do a bit more in the area. And, you won't be too sweaty and tired.

The first ride is basically at the peninsula of Damar Laut. You can reach Damar Laut by ferry from Lumut.

Some tips when you rent a bicycle:

  • always check the brakes
  • check the gear system
  • check the air in the tires
  • put the saddle at right height, meaning, with one foot you should be able to reach the ground.

Some tips for renting a motorbike:

  • check the brakes
  • check the gear system
  • check the petrol level, usually for going around on Pangkor you do not need more then about 2 liter max.
  • use ALWAYS your helmet, mandatory in Malaysia.

The second brings you to the other side. Both rides will be as much as 25 kilometers but can be extended to much more.

For the bike ride at Damar Laut, read more here. The second ride is described at this page

And for those who are really into cycling, Johan, 8 years old at the time, cycled Pangkor - Penang, 250km as we cycled, in 4 days.

Cycling around Pangkor

Johan on his own kids bike with me on my own bicycle. We had a lot of fun and Johan, now two years later, still talks about his amazing journey from Pangkor to Penang. Here is the whole story.

And Johan didn't get his love for cycling from a stranger, his mother did her own bicycle journey at Pangkor island. Here is Nazlina's bicycle journey at Pangkor

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