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Travel info by air, bus, train, taxi or bicycle and enjoy the country at its fullest

To travel to Pangkor Island, you have to enter Malaysia first. Unfortunately Pangkor does not have an international airport so you will either fly to Kuala Lumpur or Penang.

Ferry to Pangkor

Alternatively you can come by road from Thailand and Singapore.

Although there are boats from Indonesia to Malaysia, the nearest harbour for these ferries is at Penang.

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By air

A full page has been dedicated to air travel to Malaysia and Pangkor

Berjaya Air flies to Pangkor island from Subang Airport in Kuala Lumpur. Subang Airport is roughly 30-45 minutes away from KL's international : KLIA depending on the traffic jams.

There are flights to the island which take about 45 minutes.

Flying to Pangkor
Some fine views when flying along Malaysia's west coast.

It's possible to fly to Ipoh but this won't safe you time as Lumut/Pangkor is still 80km away.

You will need a bus to the main station in Ipoh and continue from here to Lumut (about 2 hours).

It's better to fly either directly to Pangkor or take the airport bus from KLIA to Sitiawan. From there it takes 20 minutes (RM 20) to the Lumut jetty.

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By car

Pangkor is easy accessible by car. However, driving a car in Kuala Lumpur can be a little nightmarish because of the traffic jams around Malaysia's capital, especially during rush hours.

Keep in mind in Malaysia the driving direction is as in the United Kingdom. From Kuala Lumpur to Lumut is about 250 km. Should you come from Penang, it's about 200km. Ipoh is located 70 km east of Pangkor.

Driving from the direction Penang
If you are taking the North-South Highway, there are few exits that you can use. The easiest exit will be at Changkat Jering.

Leave the highway and follow directions to Lumut, it's 80 km from the exit of the highway to Lumut and there are clear road markers.

The easiest way after leaving the highway is to take the junction to Pantai Remis and Lumut in Trong, 15 km after the exit. You will drive in almost a straight line to Lumut.

Road marker on the way to LumutAlternative you can follow the direction to Bruas, a more scenic road. In Bruas you have to take the junction to Ayer Tawar and Sitiawan. The road is about 17 km long and end on the highway between Ipoh and Lumut. Contrary to local belief, this road is hardly longer but might take a little longer as the road swindles here and there.

Driving from the direction of Kuala Lumpur
For driving from the KLIA-airport to Lumut, exit the airport using Airport Road. After about 3.km you will see a few green expressway signs. Follow the sign to Ipoh; Sungai Buloh. You are now on the North-South Expressway traveling North.

Take exit 135 Jeram, Batu Gajah, Gopeng (km marker 297. From here it's another 70 km to Lumut. Follow first the direction of Batu Gajah. You will see soon markers with Lumut and Damai Laut (white boards with green letters). The roads are in good condition though sometimes a bit small.

Alternatively you can follow the direction Klang - Teluk Intan. From Teluk Intan it's another 80 km to Lumut. When you leave Klang, you can follow Teluk Intan and after you will find Lumut on the boards.

An additional note for you if drive your own car to Lumut (you can not bring your care to Pangkor). There are many places to park your car. The price range from RM3 to RM10. Most of the car parks charge RM10 but try to park behind Hotel Indah (which is facing the sea) which charge RM3.

Direction board for going to PangkorFrom experience, it is not a problem to leave your car there even for a week. But obviously you should take precautions like lock your car properly and if you have the steering lock, that would be even better.

Driving from Ipoh
There is a 4 lane highway connecting Ipoh with Lumut.

See our Perak map for directions

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By bus

Remember, buy ALWAYS a ticket from the counter and NEVER from the touts hanging around. Take a direct bus to Lumut (there is NO need to take a bus to Ipoh first and change there, in fact it is time consuming and a rip off, we still do occasionally get complains about this behaviour, so be warned).

The ticket cost about RM24.20 for a super deluxe VIP bus and take approximately 4 to 5 hours depending on the day with possible traffic jams around Kuala Lumpur.

Transnasional Express
Superria Express
Express LPMS
Plusliner Express
Bus Terminal Puduraya
Sri Maju


We have collected more information on the bus journey our bus page. Here you find details on the departure and arrivals of the busses to and from Lumut.

Bus from Sitiawan to KLIA and LCCT
Bus from Sitiawan to KLIA and LCCT

Direct bus from KLIA to Sitiawan

Alternative you can take the bus to Sitiawan. From there you can take a taxi (RM 20) or bus RM 2 to Lumut which is only 10km away. For travelers who want to skip Kuala Lumpur this is an excellent option as the bus does not go through Puduraya in KL city center but goes directly to KLIA and LCCT. It is the fastest option to travel from KLIA to Lumut (Pangkor).

Here is the schedule for the bus from Sitiawan to KLIA and LCCT

Have you never been to Kuala Lumpur, check here for the bus stations in KL to travel to Pangkor ,there are four. Puduraya is the bus station you need for traveling to Pangkor and Lumut.

More about transport from Kuala Lumpur International Airport to KL city center here. Mesra Ferry speedboat from Pangkor to Lumut

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By boat

After arrival in Lumut, you have to take the ferry to Pulau Pangkor. Ferries leaves every 30 minutes during the day. It takes about 40 minutes to the ferry port of Pangkor Town. Remember the last ferry leaves Lumut at 8.30PM. You can find the full schedule here

The fare is RM 10 for a return. Should you be late, there are plenty of hotels in Lumut, here is more about Lumut. Mesra Ferry Pangkor Lumut

There are different companies running the service:

  • Mesra Ferry
  • Duta Pangkor
  • Pansilver

There is no difference in price but as you can use the upperdeck of the Mesra Ferry, I prefer using them. You do not always have the choice though.

The boat service starts early in the morning at 6.30 at Pangkor. The earliest boat from Lumut leaves at 7.00.  Ferries go every half hour, during most of the day 15 to and 15 past the hour. You can find the full schedule here.

Pangkor Laut has it's own ferry service... only 4 times a day

Lumut to Pangkor Laut Pangkor Laut to Lumut
8.00 9.00
11.00 12.00
14.00 15.00
17.00 18.00

Marina Island

If you come by car, the Marina Island is a good option ads there is plenty of carparking space. There is a ferry every hour to and from the Marina Island. Return ticket is RM 10 but you have to enquire a one time additional payment for membership. Here is more about Marina Island

Marina Island
to Pangkor Town
Pangkor Town
to Marina Island
8.00 to 20.00
Every hour
7.30 to 19.30
Every hour

There is no service in between Pangkor Laut and Pangkor Town, so if you stay at Pangkor Laut, you have to request a private boat from Pangkor Laut to Pangkor or go back to Lumut and take the ordinary ferry.

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By rail

There is no train to Lumut. If you want to travel to Pangkor by train you have to go through Ipoh and transfer to either bus or taxi. It's not recommended because it's a long way.

From Ipoh it is still another 80 km's to Lumut and Pangkor. Continue from the Ipoh railway station (city center) to the Ipoh bus station (near the north-south highway exist) to ctach a bus.

For details about the trains in Malaysia, please check: http://www.ktmb.com.my/

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Ipoh railway station

By taxi

The fastest way to get to Pangkor is by taxi. It ain't cheap though. A taxi ride takes about 4-5 hours depending on the time of the day and the potential traffic jams around Kuala Lumpur.

Calculate at least a price of RM 600-700 for the taxi ride.

By bicycle

Cycling to Pangkor? I hear some readers thinking .... these people must be mad! Who wants to cycle in the heat of Malaysia? Well, to be honest, I do! And with me many others. So for those who travel to Pangkor from the north or south, here's a few tips you may like to follow. I also wrote a separate page about another less traveled route that leads through BM, Kulim and Selama to Taiping. It's an excellent alternative if you have some extra time (say, a day or two).

For a more attractive road from Thailand avoiding the usual travel route, see if this alternative is something for you.

I provide information to travel to Pangkor as accurate as I can. However, if you find some information is missing which should be included on this page, please let me know if you miss anything on travel to Pangkor or you simply want more information

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