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The Pangkor maps and the map of Malaysia

The Pangkor maps are an indispensable piece for the traveler. But I have to admit something to you, dear reader. Over the years that I traveled I fell in love with maps. It didn't matter where I was, I wanted a map. If it was in downtown Istanbul, Esfehan in Iran or somewhere in the middle of China, I wanted a map. A map gives a feeling of stability. A feeling of knowing where you are.

Of course these days there are the GPS's but that is not the same. It is great to have a piece of paper in your hand and sort out where you are. Since I like maps that much, we decided to put a few maps which may be useful for you when you travel to Pangkor Island. Feel free to print them out when you come to Pulau Pangkor.

Traveling without a map can be difficult, hilarious, encouraging, in other words, another adventure. Read this story about things that can happen when you travel without a map

We wish you a happy stay! The map is interactive, click on your destination and enjoy.

Pangkor Island Beach Resort Teluk-Dalam.html Horizon Inn Teluk Nipah Beach Pasir Bogak Teluk Segadas Dutch Fort - Kota Belanda Pangkor Laut Vikri Beach Resort Emerald Bay Teluk Ketapag Transport to Pangkor tips Tiger Rock Foo Lin Kong Nipah Bay Villa, Nipah Guesthouse Pangkor Village Beach Resort Coral View Beach Resort Puteri Bayu Coral Bay Resort Pangkor Puteri Jungle trekking Pangkor Map
Pangkor Island map
  1. Pangkor Island Beach Resort
  2. Teluk Dalam
  3. Anjungan Beach Resort / Horizon-Inn.html / Nipah Bay Villa
  4. Nipah Guesthouse
  5. Pangkor Village Beach Resort
  6. Coral View Beach Resort
  7. Vikri Beach Resort
  8. Puteri Bayu
  9. Coral Bay Resort / Golden Beach Hotel
  10. Pangkor Puteri Resort / Seaview Hotel
  11. Tiger Rock
  12. Pangkor Laut

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Map Malaysia
Map of Malaysia

Pangkor Laut map
Map of Pangkor Laut

More about Pangkor Laut

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