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Malaysia is always in the news, but it might be hard to find an article about Pangkor in your local newspaper.

That is of course if you live in Malaysia and read the local paper. Should you want to know what happens at Pangkor, Lumut and this part of west Malaysia, subscribe to the RSS feed (see buttons below the navigation bar on the left).

The Pangkor/Lumut news page features the major stories that Google News and Bing News pulls together about Pangkor and Lumut from news sources around the world.

Do you have a Pangkor/Lumut news story that you want to share with everyone? Want to add your own editorial comments about the news? If so...

Skip below to add your own Pangkor/Lumut news or editorials.

First, though, here's the major Pangkor/Lumut news as gathered by Google from more than 4000 news resources from around the world...

Google's Global-Source Pangkor News

Pangkor, Lumut and Malaysia, Live News


Bing's Global-Source Pangkor News

Pangkor, Live News

Become part of the news!

Write your own commentary on any story brought to you by Google News or Bing News.

If you live in Pangkor or Lumut or if you've spend your holiday here recently, write your own news! Big or small, if it's news, it belongs here!

It's easy to do, and it will be read by thousands of people who subscribe to Pulau-Pangkor.com.

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