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An Indian wedding in Parit Buntar
Suresh Kumar weds Kali Thevi

This page contains a series of photos made at the wedding of Suresh Kumar and Kali Thevi. I had the honor and the pleasure to attend the wedding for a few days. Here's a selection of photos I made during the few days.

The ladies preparing for entering the brides house with prepared sweets The ladies enter the brides house in a long row

It starts with the arrival of guests and gifts followed by the arrival of bride and groom. Special pass ways are set up to bring good luck and blessings when the pair passes.

Prayer sessions followed with a Hindu priest while the guests start finding their way to the extensive food section.

The wedding hall fills up with guests David's friend Ah Moi decorated his car to bring the couple around

Kali Thevi Kali Thevi in prayer before leaving Taiping to Parit Buntar

Suresh and his bride at David's house Suresh and his sisters

The bride arrives at the wedding hall Suresh arrives

Freshly married! Suresh and his bride just after the ceremony

David during his part of the ceremony Suresh and his bride arrive at davids house after the wedding

After the ceremony it's time for a long photo session Suresh undergoes more ceremonies when he and his bride arrive at Davids house

Suresh arrives at the stage for his part of the ceremony Cutting the wedding pie at the brides house

Kali Thevi undergoes the ceremony David in his part of the ceremony

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