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Teluk Batik - Most popular beach in Perak

Teluk Batik (also spelled Telok Batik) is very well known in the State of Perak. It seems all local people know this beach. Therefore it attracts a lot of local tourists. It is in fact quite a nice beach. Having said that, it is a very "local" beach. The beach all through the week reasonable busy. There are a few hotels in the area and it is possible to rent a beach hut just near the beach. This especially useful if you come with your children.

Teluk Batik

Food stalls are plenty and the food is reasonable good and at the beach side there are also toilets and showers available.

Teluk Batik from above the quarry

The question of course is if you stay in Pangkor if it is worth a visit. The truth to us here in Sitiawan is .... unless you want to experience a beach day with local Malaysian people, it is not worth the trip from Pulau Pangkor. It is a reasonable clean beach though the water here is a bit murky. It is a pleasant late afternoon swim though as I regularly do when I finish my cycling around my home.


There are several hotels near the beach, The Marina Cove Sherwood Resort is a good choice although the beach is at the other side of the hills. Two better options are within a minute walk from the beach: Teluk Batik Resort and Virgo Beach Resort.

Teluk Batik


Check some photos and decide for yourself if it is what you think. Also, check the beach at Teluk Senangin.

Teluk Batik

Mr. Goh, from Explore the Wilderness uses Teluk Batik for his team building activities. In the hills and at the beach he has set out some extraordinary jungle treks but the beach itself, he uses for his canoeing activities.

Teluk Batik

Activities at the beach include beach games (see above a game with throwing eggs to each other) and canoeing. But even if you don't join a team building session, you can rent canoes on the beach.

Team Building at Teluk Batik: Canoeing
Canoeing around Teluk Batik

On the busier days jet skiing and banana boats are available.

Jungle trekking around Teluk Batik

In the hills around the beach you could have gone for some cool hiking. Unfortunately recently a significant part of the jungle (including the above canyon) is closed to public.

You can however hike from the beach to further away beaches through the jungle, this is still legal and possible. Paths to Teluk Rubiah as describe here are either closed to public or do no longer exist due to the building activities of Vale Industries at Teluk Rubiah.

Teluk Batik

The beach, which views also the southern and western part of Pangkor island, is still beautiful, especially on quiet days. Locals come here to relax or for fishing.

 An unusual view to the Straits of Malacca from the abandoned hotel at Teluk Batik
An unusual view to the Straits of Malacca from the abandoned hotel

Options for hiking around Teluk Batik

As said, hiking around the area is nowadays very much limited. Only the beaches are reasonable easy accessible. Another option is to do some hiking behind the Teluk Batik Resort. It is recommended to bring a guide with you as the jungle can be a bit deceiving.

Especially on your own or with a few quiet people, you run into wild boar or some beautiful blue coral snakes.

Teluk Batik, near Lumut

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