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Do you like playing golf? You are looking for golf holiday options in Malaysia? You have arrived at the exact right place! Malaysia is a fast developing country with about 200 golf courses available. This page will offer some of the best golf courses in Malaysia. As some people say, Malaysia is a golfing paradise.

World renown golf course designers as Robert Trent Jones Jr., Ronald Fream, Ross Watson and Max Wexler have added great contributions to the development of professional golf courses in Malaysia. Ronald Fream designed the Damai Laut golf course. Details can be found here. So it's not surprising you can find some of the best golf courses in Asia, right here in Malaysia.

Damai Laut Golf & Country Club in Lumut Perak

To mention 200 golf courses is beyond the scope of this website. Instead we give an overview of some of the major golf courses. The Pangkor golf courses are already mentioned on this page in greater detail. I have created separate pages for different parts of the country:

As said, this list does not contain all the 200 golf courses. This is simply a selection of the biggest and best in Malaysia. I hope you will enjoy playing "the game" in Malaysia.

Golf in malaysia, damai laut golf & country club
Damai Laut Golf & Country Club in Lumut Perak

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Golf In Pangkor/Lumut

For the golf fanatics Pangkor is also a good destination. Bring your family to the swimming pool and enjoy your game at Damai Laut.

More about golf in Pangkor and Lumut in our Golf in Pangkor section

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