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Here's a few questions you may have. They all start with: are you...

  • ... thinking you may want to advertise with Pulau Pangkor.com?
  • ... looking for high targeted traffic?
  • ... looking for high targeted leads?

If your business is either related to Pangkor, Lumut, Malaysia or related to the travel business in general, then Pulau Pangkor.com may have the solution for you.

You may want to consider to advertise with us. The Pulau Pangkor.com website ranks within the top 1% of all travel related websites:

top 1% of all travel-related web sites


As the competition in the travel industry is heavy, this is where Pulau Pangkor.com comes in. The traffic is growing by the day, at the moment Pulau Pangkor.com receives over 50.000 visits and close to 140.000 page views a month (May 2008) and increasing.

The Pulau Pangkor.com is not just a website for Malaysia and the Malaysians. We generate traffic worldwide. The last months (early 2008) more then 15.000 different keywords and key phrases were used to find the Pulau Pangkor.com website. More then 1300 referrers as Google, Yahoo, Windows Live and many other search engines, blogs and websites generated targeted traffic.

But why is it important for you, as an advertiser, to know how many keywords are used to find the Pulau Pangkor website? The answer is simple, the more keywords are used to find the website, the more exposure your ads will have. After all, people who search for Pangkor and related subjects, have to find your ad.

Check for example the keyword: "Malaysia islands" in Google.

For this keyword there's a supply of almost 67 Million websites!
Pulau Pangkor.com scores a 4th position!

Results of the search for Malaysia islands

For keywords and key-phrases which are more Pangkor related, this website scores even better. Do a search yourself. Try Pangkor. Lumut or other related keywords.

Custom Search

The Pulau Pangkor website is exposed everywhere, from New York to Tokyo and Australia to China.

Advertise with Pulau Pangkor.com

The Pulau Pangkor.com website is geared for holidays at Pangkor, Lumut and Malaysia in a wider perspective. The site hardly contains popups and is clean written. The Pulau Pangkor website uses no flash or other graphic software other then photos and short pieces of video.

So, what are the set up costs for an ad of a few lines with 2 or 3 (no follow) links on one page (except homepage)? Here are the rates:

  • Hotels and guest houses pay US$ 200 (RM 800) per year
  • Real Estate businesses pay US$ 350 (RM 1400) per year
  • Business advertising and shops pay US$ 250 (RM 1000) per year

What sort of business are we looking for?

We are principally looking for businesses related to the travel, real estate and hotel sector. Although the Pulau Pangkor.com website is targeted for Pangkor and Malaysia, advertising is not exclusively limited to Pangkor and Malaysia. If your business falls into the travel, real estate and hotel sector but not in Malaysia, you are also welcome. Your ads will be in good hands.

A good example of an advertising company is the Nipah Bay Villa, a small but nice hotel at Pulau Pangkor. They advertise with us for a long time now. For the second year in a row they continue doing business with us.

They have their own page.

There are no ads on the homepage available. If you need a full page review (or more pages), please contact me here. A good example of a full page advertising company advertising with me is the team building company Explore The Wilderness.

Have a look how Explore the Wilderness advertises their products

Pulau Pangkor Monthly Newsletter

Get an ad in the monthly Pulau Pangkor Newsletter. The issue handles many different aspects of Pangkor, Malaysia and travel related issues. If you are not a subscriber yet, subscribe here to see what the newsletter looks like We will place your text ad for US$25 per 6 issues. If you are already advertise on the Pulau Pangkor website, you have a free text ad in 6 issues per year.

You don't have a website

You don't have a website but you still want to advertise. Pulau Pangkor.com is again the best place to start. How would you like to see request for your product or service fall into your mailbox every single day? All that is required is an email address. A good example is my real state broker. See what we have build for her. We can work on pay per lead business.

Bottom line is that you want your ads to a very targeted audience. Pulau Pangkor.com is in our opinion a good value for your money. The website keeps growing, gets more publicity, even newspapers wrote about it (notably in Sweden, read their article here)

Advertise with Pulau Pangkor.com now, please fill in the form below and we come back as soon as possible, usually within 24 hours. You can call us in Malaysia at #6 - 05 -692 1518. We are looking forward to do business with you!

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