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Real estate Seri Manjung

Real Estate Seri Manjung is becoming increasingly popular. Not in the last place because the town is conveniently located right in between Penang and Kuala Lumpur with good road and bus connections.

Venice of Perak

For people who are interested in buying a house in this area, Seri Manjung is an excellent option. Not only you have good connections to Kuala Lumpur, Ipoh and Penang available, there is also a wide range of new build houses, semi-D's and villas available.

Real estate Seri Manjung

All over Seri Manjung you will find real estate available for sale. The newest and most prestigious area is probably Venice of Perak but there are many areas in rapid development.

Real estate Seri Manjung

Venice of Perak

Seri Manjung, Venice of Perak, stylish bungalows and villasVenice? Italy? Is there a connection? And what's the connection? Venice as you know is build in and around canals and river arms. Venice of Perak is build (and still being build!) with the same concept. (see my Venice of Perak page for more photos)

The bungalows and villas are all build around arms of the Dinding river and some canals. As can be seen on the photo next, these bungalows are build in a modern style with all the luxuries you can imagine.

These villas have large kitchen, several bedrooms and some have a swimming pool. Impossible to buy? You would be surprised!

One of the great things about Venice of Perak is the diversity of villas. It seems the architects understood that a vision like this, needed also a diversity in villas and bungalows.

Not one of the villas look the same. But one thing they all share, they have a large garden all around the house. Most of the villas are stand alone.

Seri ManjungWhen we look inside the villas you will be surprised what it looks like. Some of the houses here are for sale, others for rent or lease.

Southgate Real Estate does the property management for you if you decide to lease your house.

Venice of Perak is quite a popular area for expats to live. When you decide to live here you will find many retired foreigners and expats. Reasons to live here are plenty, quiet, nice, comfortable, affordable and still near the sea, western styled restaurants in Lumut.

Also Seri Manjung and Sitiawan are nearby to sniff the typical local Malaysian life. A life in both worlds, so to say.

For sale

There are still new bungalows build. Some are still for sale. Contact us for the options at this moment available

Venice of Perak

Here are some examples of property in Venice of Perak which is available

Venice of Perak
Villa for sale in Venice of Perak

Contact us for the options at this moment available

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More photos of Venice of Perak

More photos of bungalows, semi detached and terrace houses in Venice of Perak:

Venice of Perak

Property in Seri Manjung, Venice of Perak

Lumut less then a decade ago

Pieter Kruger from South Africa has lived and worked for a few years in Lumut. He saw a very different Lumut as we know it today. When I came to Lumut, in 2003, the old ferry was no longer in service. Yet, Pieter went to Pangkor with the old ferry.

Old ferry Pangkor-Lumut

He was kind enough to send us some photos of his days in Lumut, not even 10 years ago. But it has dramatically changed!

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Property and real estate in Penang

Our agent in Penang, Mr. Yeoh has plenty of excellent bungalows, villas and high end properties to show you.

Feel free contact him for specific info what we have available