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Pangkor weather

Malaysia is a tropical country. What does it mean for the weather? It means we have really only 2 seasons here: a wet (monsoon) and a dry season.


The monsoon suffers Malaysia from November until February. That said, the Pangkor area suffers not much from the monsoon. Pangkor weather is usually dry although humid the whole year around.

Dry season

The rest of the year it's dry season. For most of Malaysia this works out. In general it's 3 months wet, 9 months dry.

The temperature the whole year around is about 32°C (85°F). The night temperature is also high: 23°C (73°F). There's not much different between wet and dry season in temperature.

Pangkor beach

However, if you would decide to visit the Cameron- or Genting Highlands, it can be quite cold there during the rainy season. Clouds will make it feel like winter with 15-20°C.

It is not a problem to visit Pangkor during the rainy season. Since I live here I can tell you from my own experience, I have not seen much rain.

Sure, it does rain once in a while. During the rainy season, it did rain once a week. Sometimes, a day or two in a row and then two weeks bright sunny weather. Many times the rain comes at night and if it is raining at day time, well, it feels refreshing and it never last long.

The Pangkor weather is mild when we talk about rain. That said, go inlands (Taiping, Ipoh, Kuala Kangsar) and you find more rain during the rainy season. The locals keep claiming Taiping is the wettest town of Malaysia although I have never seen any substantial evidence of that.


Foo Lin Kong TempleHumidity is something you have to deal with when you come to Malaysia.

Therefore, when you book your hotel, make sure there is at least a fan available. Many locals have air-conditioning. When you check in, make sure it works properly.

Humidity makes you sweat all the time. The humidity in this kind of weather makes you more vulnerable for getting sunburned. Make sure when you come to bring good sun cream.

It is widely available in the shops here but it's slightly more expensive then in Europe. Check the health pages for more tips. Remember that even when it is cloudy, the ultraviolet rays still come through, which means you will still get sunburned.

If you want to characterize the Pangkor weather: it's hot and humid the whole year around. During the wet days it's slightly cooler but once the rain stops the humidity can be quite heavy. However, I like this kind of weather.

The weather widget on this page shows the weather in Sitiawan, 9 km from Lumut where you get the ferry. It's the closest location I could get for this website.

The annual chart for Pangkor:


temp in °C

in mm

in Days

temp in °C

January 23-32 160 18 27
February 23-33 96 14 28
March 23-33 123 16 28
April 24-33 158 19 29
May 24-33 124 16 29
June 24-33 78 15 29
July 23-32 97 14 29
August 23-32 129 15 28
September 23-32 154 19 28
October 23-31 231 25 28
November 23-31 210 25 28
December 23-31 188 21 28

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