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Lumut Waterfront

The Lumut Waterfront is a recently new build park on the north side of the little town of Lumut, next to the Lumut International Yacht Club. It overlooks the northern hills and Kampong Atjeh and Lumutport.com.

Lumut Waterfront
The Lumut Waterfront seen from the air
Photo printed with permission © Syed Kamalrul Sufian

Although you wouldn't guess it, the views from here are really nice. Sometimes big ships sail in, it can be a tanker or cargo ship but also big passenger vessels.

Lumut Waterfront

The Waterfront has been set up as a recreation park. It is a popular spot for many locals in the whole are, not just Lumut to hang out here on a Sunday afternoon. During weekdays you find here people who come early from work or school children.

Marina Wing, Lumut Waterfront
Lumut Waterfront Marina Wing entrance

It has a play ground for kids. You'll see many families here on Sundays having a little pick-nick. The visual attractions all have something to do with ships. See the sail which is used on the entrance to the Marina Wing on the photo.

One of the reasons I come here regular is called ABC-special. At the Lumut Waterfront there is a little set of stalls, newly build who serve refreshments. You can eat here too, mostly simple meals.

The main reason why people come here is to get a refreshment. An ABC-normal or ABC-special is one of the specialties. Yes, you can get these ABC's further on in Malaysia but they are not known under the name "ABC".

Now what is an ABC? Look at the photo and you have the picture. It's a mix of sweets, peanuts, jelly and ice cream mixed with shaved ice cubes. The ABC- special is slightly bigger then the ABC-normal.

It's an excellent refreshment. People who are hesitating for the ice can relax. In Malaysia nobody is allowed to sell their own homemade ice cubes. Every shop, restaurant or stall has to buy them to minimize the risk for eventual health problems.

ABC icecream Lumut Waterfront

The Lumut Waterfront, a must when you visit Pangkor? If you have an hour or two to spare, it's nice enough. I do enjoy sitting there and watch people, watch the river and the activities on the river in the late afternoon. So if your bus leaves late, this may be a good spot to enjoy your last moments of Lumut. The other reason is the ABC, highly recommended. Or if you just came down from the hike in Lumut

Lumut Waterfront

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