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Pangkor Events and Festivals in Malaysia

Pangkor events are part of the different festivals and activities happening every year in Malaysia. After New Years Day, the first major festival of the year is the Indian Thaipusam followed by many others.

Malaysia is a cultural melting pot. The three main Malaysian races: Malay, Chinese and Indians all brought with them their own cultural events. There seem always a festival going on!

But there are also many festivals in the country which are organized by tourism boards. The best way to know what is going on is to visit a Tourism office or visit the official Malaysia Tourism website.

This page shows a little of the different religious festivals the country offers. Some of them are truly spectacular!

Malaysia festivals


For a big celebration of Thaipusam, Penang is probably a better place but in Pangkor, Sitiawan Thaipusam or even Kuala Lumpur (really busy) is celebrated by the Indian Hindu population. If you're in Malaysia, it's an event not to be missed! Thaipusam 2009 in Penang! I have posted a few pages about Thaipusam in 2007, 2008 and 2009. I have been visiting the festival every year since 2006. It's certainly one of my favorite festivals!

Thaipusam Penang Thaipusam Penang

Thaipusam in Malaysia

Read my own experience at the Thaipusam Penang 2007 here ...

and have a look at a photo report of the Pulau Penang Thaipusam 2007

Here's a quick photo page of the Thaipusam 2008 in Penang

Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year 2009A list of events in Malaysia would not be complete with Chinese New Year. Of the Pangkor events, Chinese New Year is of course important. In 2005 and 2006 I spend my CNY with families.

In 2007, I went to Kuala Kurau to enjoy the 8th day of the Chinese New Year with the Hokkien people, As expected it was an great place to be. Read more about the Hokkien Chinese New Year or watch a few more photos here.

Ching Ming

Ching Ming is held on the day of the Third Moon 105 days after the Winter Solstice. It is also known as the Grave-Sweeping or Spring Remembrance Day. Ching Ming literally means "clear and bright" and is the time of the year when Chinese families visit the graves of their ancestors to clean the graveside and pay their respects.

It’s common for families to make offerings of rice, fruit and wine to ensure their loved ones have enough food and drink in the afterlife. Some families burn incense and paper money by the gravesides, believing that the smoke rises to the afterworld and can be used by their ancestors

Chinese cemetaries

Ching Ming will be celebrated this year at 4 and 5 April and it will be interesting to see what the Chinese people do. There's no problem to go and visit these cemeteries. Pangkor has cemeteries but for the real nice ones, go to Seri Manjung and Sitiawan.

Read more here

Ramadan and Hari Raya

The Muslim population of Malaysia celebrates the Ramadan, the month of fasting, with late afternoon and night bazaars. The month of Ramadan is a great opportunity to sample a variety of food special made for the Ramadan. You will not be disappointed!

The last day of the Ramadan is called Hari Raya and it's a great day to celebrate this important day for the Muslim population with some Muslims. It's very easy to find a nice place to find out how they celebrate the end of the Ramadan. It is the single most important festival for the Malays.

Moon Festival

The second most important festival for the Chinese population is the Moon Festival. It's usually celebrated early October. Penang is one of the most important places to be for the festival.

Moon Festival at Pangkor
Moon Festival at Pangkor

During the Moon Festival the Chinese will eat Mooncakes. What is the Moon Festival? And what are Mooncakes? Read more here. Here's more about how I experienced the Moon Festival in Pangkor

Nine Emperor Gods Festival

Another annual event is the Nine Emperor Gods Festival. This Chinese festival takes several days and includes some spectacular evens usually held in October or November.

Playing with oil at the Nine Emperor Gods Festival
Playing with oil at the Nine Emperor Gods Festival


Deepavali is the Indian festival in which good triumphs evil. The Pulau Pangkor Newsletter has paid some attention to this annual event. It's one of the major events in Malaysia and thus a major Pangkor events every year.

click here to read my article.

Christmas, 25th December

Tour de Langkwai in Sitiawan
Tour de Langkawi

Although Malaysia is predominantly a Muslim country, Christmas is widely celebrated. Santa Claus is widely seen all over the country and the shopping centers are all full with Christmas attributes.

And you will be able to attend the Christmas services in one of the many churches in the country.

A selection of other events in Malaysia

Tour de Langkawi

Every year the Tour de Langkawi starts in January, it takes about a week and attract professional cyclist from all around the world.

Amongst the Pangkor events in 2006 the Tour de Langkawi was a major event. What did it look like in 2006 and 2008 in Sitiawan and Lumut? Who were the winners. It was an enjoyable afternoon in Sitiawan and the next morning in Lumut it was fun too.

Tour de Langkawi in Sitiawan and Lumut 2006

More about the two days of the Tour de Langkawi in Sitiawan and a special photopage of Sitiawan 2008

More about the Tour de Langkawi on the website of the organisation

Chap Go Meh

Chinese Valentine's Day. It is celebrated on the 15th night of the Lunar New Year. Celebrations this year is planned at the Penang Chinese Town Hall at Jalan Masjid Kapitan Keling.

Here's more about Chap Goh Meh

Liondance in Penang at Chinese New Year
Liondance in Penang

Merdeka Day Parade

On 31 August, Malaysia celebrates its independence. A free open air concert is held on the eve of Merdeka (independence) to jumpstart the celebrations. The Merdeka starts off with a grande parade. These events will take place in Kuala Lumpur. In other cities there will be similar event take place.

There many more events happening every year, in fact far too many then can be put on this page. Please visit the Tourist Information Office in the city you are staying. Be informed there is not office in Pangkor but there is one next to the ferry in Lumut.

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Thaipusam stories

Thaipusam is a magnificent festival in Malaysia, here is what other people say about the Festivals in Malaysia

What do people say about festivals in Malaysia

Nine Emperor Gods Festival in Butterworth

One of the most spectacular events I have ever witnessed: the Nine Emperor Gods Festival, a Taoist festival held world wide but I was in Butterworth, near Penang to enjoy 6 of the nine days. Read my report here and my experiences in the Cheng Kon Sze temple in Penang during this festival.

Cycling from Pangkor to Penang

Johan is an 8 years old Malaysian boy who cycled from Pangkor to Penang in 4 days (plus one day rest). He cycled 250km with me and together we wrote a page about his adventures.

Johan's extraordinary adventure, read more here.

Ma'soumah (15) and Salman (8) swim from Pangkor to Lumut

Ma'soumah and Salman are the first Malaysian children to do so. And they did it un-aided to swim the 8.9 km in 3 hours and 40 minutes!

Ma'soumah and Salman have with this extra-ordinary performance earned a place in the Malaysian Book of Records. Congratulations!!!

Read more about them here

Hi-Q Organic Farm officially opened

The Malaysian Prime Minister officially opened the Hi-Q Organic Park Hotel Resorts and Farms which is going to build in cooperation with Taiwanese business men.

Read more here

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