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My recommended hotels at Pangkor Island

It's really impossible to list all the Pangkor hotels. It would also not be fair as I have not seen them all. My selection on this page is based on the hotels and hostels I know, the ones I have visited. I have stayed in some hotels, not in all, but I have seen all the hotels mentioned on these pages.

It doesn't mean there are no other good hotels but as I haven't seen them so I don't want to list them.

I have separated the hotels at Teluk Nipah and Pasir Bogak as this page would be too long for you to browse. The hotels in Lumut are also separated:

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This page offers you the following hotels elsewhere at Pangkor:

Most hotels at Pangkor are mid range, a few high end. There are a few rock bottom cheap hotel, check here for details.

Pangkor Island Beach Resort

Pangkor island Beach ResortThe Pangkor Island Beach Resort, formerly known as Pan Pacific Pangkor Island, is 4 star hotel. It is located at the North West end of the Island and they have their own private beach: Teluk Belanda.

The hotel has a pool which is located almost at the beach.

The restaurant offers Malaysian and western dishes. Breakfast is buffet style, western and Malaysian. This is a really good and very popular deal for around RM 300 and up.

Check here for more details.

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Teluk Dalam Resort

Teluk DalamOn the North East side of Pulau Pangkor lies Teluk Dalam Resort. The resort offers individual chalets and bungalows with a fine views on the garden and the sea.

With its slightly more remote location, it is perfect for those who wish to away from the crowd. It is a nice set up and the pool makes up for the smaller beach available here.

Have a look at more details and some photos.

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Pangkor Laut

Pangkor LautPangkor Laut is not only one of the top hotels in Malaysia, it's a worldwide renown island resort.

The Pavarotti suite is one of the top attractions to stay and the chalets start from RM800++ per night..

Pangkor Laut is an island resort, located just west of Pulau Pangkor.

It has also one of the most beautiful beaches of Malaysia: Emerald Bay with Emerald Beach.

More details about Pangkor Laut

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Tiger RockPulau Pangkor, exclusive Tiger Rock hotel, a fantastic place to stay

Tiger Rock is a unique hotel in Pulau Pangkor in the sense that it serves a specific kind of client√®le.

If you wish to be pampered and have a personal treatment, right from the moment you step foot on the island, you will have a wonderful time here.

There are seven rooms, designed by Rebecca Duckett, the owner, who is an artist as well. She designed and decorated the property with her own artwork.

The hotel is located on the south east part of the island up in the hills which guarantees maximum privacy.

Bookings need to be made in advance.

For more information about Tiger Rock click here.

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BestStay Hotel PangkorBestStay Hotel

The BestStay Hotel is one of the few hotels in Pangkor town. I've visited it a while back. It's a new building (only open for a few years). There are 17 rooms available.

You get what you pay for (RM 100), decent rooms but it's quite far from the beach. Locals will be happy with the hotel as there can be 1-5 people stay in a room.

All rooms and apartments are air-conditioned. All rooms are equipped with private bathrooms with cold and hot shower facilities and toiletries. And the apartments come with a kitchen, living and dining area. Ideal for families.

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What are your favorite hotels at Pangkor?

Have you been to Pangkor before? Stayed at Pangkor Island Beach Resort or the Vikry? Maybe at the Sea View or Puteri Bayu? How were the facilities?

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What are your favorite hotels at Pangkor?

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