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Retire in Penang - Real Estate in Penang

Why would you consider to retire in Penang? Few places in Asia are so well developed and so easy connected to the rest of the world as Penang island. Some would claim Kuala Lumpur is better, but if you ask me, Kuala Lumpur is just another big metropolis, an Asian metropolis but nevertheless a metropolis. If you have been working your whole life, you wish some peace and still all modern facilities nearby.

The Northern part of Penang is (at the moment) the most attractive area with all lifestyle facilities you want, with shopping malls, clubs, golf, cultural events around the corner, hotels etc..

Penang is such a place. This page will emphasize on the northern and eastern areas of Penang:


Location and price, those two subjects always come up when buying something. Fair enough. I have good news for you. Penang is a unique island and, even to my surprise, a lot cheaper then other areas in Asia. Compare price quality in property and real estate in Penang with Hong Kong and Singapore and you find the prices up to SIX times cheaper.

Penang beach
Real estate, property and apartments are 3 to 6 times cheaper than comparable properties in Hong Kong, Singapore and Thailand

Even for apartments in hotspot Thailand, Indonesia or the Philippines are about THREE times more expensive then similar property and apartments in Penang. True, some areas in Malaysia, think about Seri Manjung,

So let's see what Penang can offer you in terms of lifestyle and comfortable living.


Georgetown is Heritage in Malaysia (together with Malacca). It's also an excellent area to live. Popular areas include the heritage area of the Armenian Quarter and Love Lane.

Tanjung Tokong: Seri Tanjung Pinang with Straits Quay

Seri Tanjung Pinang, a part of Tanjung Tokong with it's focal point Straits Quay is a piece of reclaimed land which is at the moment developed into a housing area. The area is close to Gurney Drive with all the modern facilities and cultural activities within minutes walking.

Landed Property Penang: Andaman Quayside Living room

The Seri Tanjung project is truly amazing project, unrivalled in Malaysia. You really have to have a look at:

Gurney Drive & Paragon Gurney

Gurney drive is for sure an interesting part of Penang. Here you can see best the mix of Asia and the modern western world. It is in this area you find modern apartment towers, shopping malls but also the Burmese temple which was found in 1883.

Here you find the tallest (and most comfortable living towers in Penang. Modern comfort in the Paragon Towers with shopping malls next door and free views to the Andaman Sea.

Gurney Drive, modern living in Penang
Gurney Drive, modern living in Penang

The Gurney Paragon Towers are finished and partly been sold but there are still apartments available. Here's an extended description of the Paragon which will include the magnificent St. Joseph's Novitiate heritage.

Batu Ferringhi

Batu Ferringhi is since many years the main beach destination of Penang. Although these days Batu Ferringhi is mostly taken over by tourists, it once was the area where Tunku Abdul Rahman lived. Tunku Abdul Rahman was the first elected president of Malaysia. His house stands still at Batu Ferringhi although it seemed many people do not realize its importance. We were standing in front of the house and I imagined what life here by the end of the 50's must have been.

Ferringhi Villas at Batu Ferringhi Penang
Ferringhi Villas, Batu Ferringhi

Batu Ferringhi is Penangs' main beach area and not for nothing many hotels, cheap and more expensive can be found here. The oldest is the Lone Pine Hotel. This hotel was build in 1948 and preserves some of the old colonial atmosphere.

Batu Ferringhi is not only famous for its beach, it is also an excellent area to hang out at night, visiting the pasar malams (night markets) for all kinds of cheap and interesting things. Don't forget to eat here. Plenty of bars and cafes. The most interesting, if you ask me, are the hawker stalls with their dazzling variety of Malaysian foods.

A nice area to live is the Ferringhi Village, see more about this little village just outside the main Batu Ferringhi area.

The Ferringhi villas are an enclosed area with, at least the higher villas, a great view on the Andaman sea.

Tanjung BungahThe Cove, Penang

Tanjung Bungah is located in between Georgetown and Batu Ferringhi. There is quite a bit of building activity in this area.

Here you find the Cove. The Cove consist of 4 towers with 6000 sqr feet unitis.

The Cove has everything you can possibly want from your living surrounding including a swimming pool, sauna next to the swimming pool, playground but also a great beach right in front of your house.

Another option in Tanjung Bungah is the Infinity. The Infinity is being build right at the beach. Tthe units are now on sale. Expected date of completion is the first quarter of 2010.

Contact us

Our real estate agent in Penang is Mr. Yeoh. You can contact him for more details about properties mentioned on this page.

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