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Air Travel to Malaysia

It doesn't matter where you live, air travel to Malaysia is easy, I mean, real easy. Kuala Lumpur, the capital of Malaysia has a hyper modern airport with all the facilities you expect from a modern airport: Kuala Lumpur International Airport or KLIA as it is locally known.

air travel to Malaysia airlines aeroplaneApart of Kuala Lumpur, Singapore and Bangkok are popular entrance destinations for travelers to arrive in South East Asia. All three cities have connections with the major cities in Europe, America and Australia.

Flying from Europe

Malaysia airlines is well connected to Europe. There are direct flights available from London, Amsterdam, Frankfurt, Zurich, Rome, Paris and Istanbul. As I have been flying regular from Holland to Asia, I flew regular Malaysia Airlines and it was always a pleasure.

There are plenty of other airlines flying to Malaysia.

North and South America and Australia

Malaysia Airlines has direct flights from New York and Los Angeles in the USA. From South America you can only fly Malaysia airlines through Buenos Aires.

Australia is a popular destination for many Malaysians. For people traveling from Europe to Australia, Malaysia (and Singapore) can be a good stop over to break the journey. It's this no wonder Malaysia Airlines flies direct to Adelaide, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth and Sydney on a daily base.


Kuala Lumpur, as said, is a central point in South East Asia. Together with Singapore, Jakarta and Bangkok Kuala Lumpur is the main transport hub to many destinations in Asia.

For example, Kuala Lumpur is well connected with China: Beijing, Guangzhou, Xiamen, Kunming and Shanghai, plus two destinations in Taiwan. With the large population of Chinese this is hardly a surprise.

Most of the other international airports in Asia are served from Kuala Lumpur.

Airasia flies cheap all over Asia

Flying in Asia with Airasia

KLIA, Kuala Lumpur International Airport

Flying to PangkorI could write a website alone about KLIA, the pride and joy of Malaysia. And not for nothing. KLIA is an airport that can compete in service and style with any modern airport in the rest of the world. In 2005 (AETRA) and 2006 (ACI-ASQ) it was elected the best airport in the world with 15 to 25 million passengers every year.

The usual shopping centers are available but what really makes KLIA easy is the way the airport is build. It's a huge spacious building with easy to follow directions. Although I don't really fancy air travel and I don't consider airports are particular beautiful, I have to make an exception for KLIA.

Transport into KL is available by taxi, bus and train.

There are many buses into the city center including to KL Sentral (railway station) and Puduraya bus station leaving for most of the day every 15-30 minutes from both KLIA and KLIA-LCC (Airasia). (travelers to Lumut/Pangkor/Ipoh can use the quicker Star Express buses, see below)

KLIA airport for your air travel to MalaysiaCheck our bus information pages:

Flying to Malaysia and Pulau Pangkor

When early 2010 all flights from Kuala Lumur to Pangkor island were being cancelled many travelers complained. Fortunately, in 2012, Berjaya Air re-started their service from Kuala Lumpur (Subang Airport).

The Subang Airport is a 30-45 minutes taxi drive from KLIA/LCC (depending on traffic jams).

In my opinion it's faster and more relaxing to take the airport bus to Sitiawan and a taxi for 20 more minutes to Lumut (see this page for details) to travel to Pangkor, especially if have already had a long flight behind you.

However, if you stay already in KL, it might be a good option.

Flights van be booked with Berjaya Air.

Transport to and from the airport by private shuttle bus

This is a great option to travel to and from the airport especially if you come with your family and/or you bring a lot of luggage. Here is more about this option:

or book directly:

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Getting to Pangkor/Lumut

"Travel to Pangkor and Malaysia by air, bus, train, taxi or bicycle and enjoy the country at its fullest"

Getting to Pangkor/Lumut

Bus KLIA-Sitiawan (for Pangkor Island)

Finally we can offer a faster and almost direct bus to Pangkor via Sitiawan (10km from Lumut. 

Bus from KLIA to Sitiawan for Pangkor Island