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Malay wedding, the photos in Pangkor
Hazman Bin Sabtu weds Zurul Affza Binti Mohd Yusoff

The second day of the wedding of Mr. Subtu and Mrs. Subtu (junior) was in Pulau Pangkor at the Nipah Bay Villa. Here is the story of that day, but again I had too many photos and I didn't want to keep them all to myself.

Malay wedding

pelamin, malay wedding
The happy couple sitting on their pelamin
arrival at the nipah bay villa
Arrival at Nipah Bay Villa
lunch table for the happy couple
Lunch table for the bride, groom and family
bride and grooms bedroom
The bedroom
love rules guests at the Nipah Bay Villa
Guest enjoying their food
pelamin, malay wedding
The pelamin, throne for the married couple
The food at the malay wedding
and the food was great

Mr. and Mrs. Subtu welcoming guests
Mr. and Mrs. Sabtu (in the back) welcoming guests
Are the photos ok?
Are the photos ok?

Paying respect to the husband
Formal greeting outside the groom's house

Receiving blessings of the relatives and friends
The blessing ceremony

entrance to the Nipah Bay Villa
Walking to Nipah Bay Villa

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