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Hotels at Pasir Bogak

Here is a selection of hotels at Pasir Bogak.

Coral Bay Resort (3 star)

The Coral Bay Resort is one of the most popular hotels at the island for many years. It's conveniently located near the Pasir Bogak beach. There is a restaurant, swimming pool and karaoke available.

Coral Bay Resort Pasir Bogak Pangkor island

Coral Bay Resort is almost always fully occupied, even at low season. So you are advised to book well in advance to avoid disappointment.

Check here the details about Coral Bay Resort

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Pangkor Sandy Beach Resort (recommended!!)

Pangkor Sandy Beach Resort is an interesting and good option at Pasir Bogak. I have not stayed here so I can not comment from personal experience but I did check the rooms (chalets are the best, but the downstairs are great too).

Pangkor Sandy Beach Resort

This is one of the good and cheap hotels at Pangkor especially if you realize you will stay almost at the beach! Comments from travelers I spoke who stayed here are that the rooms are spotless, staff friendly and the swimming pool very good.

Here is more about the Sandy Beach Resort

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Puteri BayuPuteri Bayu

The Puteri Bayu is also located at Pasir Bogak. It's probably the best (and most expensive) place to stay.

The resort have rooms and chalets. Although the Puteri Bayu has a restaurant, there are hawker stalls and restaurants in a range of 5 minutes walking.

Here is more about the Puteri Bayu


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Vikri Beach Resort (recommended!!)

Pasir Bogak is one of the most popular beaches of Pulau Pangkor. Although there are plenty of hotels, few match the tranquility of the Vikri Beach Resort.

The family owned hotel has chalets facing the Pasir Bogak beach. The restaurant (breakfast is included in the price) offers a good range of Chinese, Indian and Malay styled dishes. Trust me, the ladies make awesome meals.

Chalets at Vikri Beach Resort

The Vikri is special as it is away from the other hotels at Pasir Bogak. You will have the beach right in front of you suggesting you have your own very private beach, despite the main road in between the hotel and the beach.

Read more about the Vikri Beach Resort here.

More photos of the Vikri Beach Resort

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pangkor puteri resortPangkor Puteri Resort

The Pangkor Puteri Resort at Pasir Bogak has very nice apartments with 2 and 3 bedrooms available. Located in a side street of Pasir Bogak behind the Sea View hotel, this is especially good for families and groups who do not want to spend a whole lot of money.

However, rooms can be individually booked so you share the living room and kitchen.

The Pasir Bogak beach and the shops are a minute walk away.

More about the Pangkor Puteri Resort here.

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Sea View

The Sea View is one of the few hotels with an undisturbed sea view. I've stayed here twice. The chalets are spacious and clean. It's a popular hotel with 60 rooms, a restaurant and a swimming pool. Occasionally we use it for our team building activities as the hotel is a bit away but still within a minute walk from other places at Pasir Bogak.

View from the 3rd floor of the Pangkor Puteri Resort

In the morning, the staff offers hornbill birds a free breakfast of fruits. Usually a dozen or so come to feast.

Golden Beach Hotel

Golden Beach Hotel and ResortGolden Beach Hotel at Pasir Bogak, conveniently located near the beach is not a bad deal. The hotel has a decent restaurant though the rooms could use some maintenance.

If you don't mind this, it's a not a bad choice. For the price it's does fit in the category of cheap hotels Pangkor but there are better choices at Pasir Bogak.

Golden Beach Hotel

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Pangkor Village Beach Resort

The Pangkor Village Beach Resort is located at the very end of Pasir Bogak. It's a great place for different reasons. One of them is because it is a bit away from the crowds. The atmosphere at the resort is great too. Location wise you can not find many other places like this one.

Pangkor Village Beach Resort

The hotel is especially great for groups on very tight budget. So if you are thinking about a beach resort for your reunion of your school class, a few days with your students to a beach or simply a few days with a few families, this is your place.

Some of the chalets face directly the sea. All the chalets have attached bathrooms and air-conditioning. Is it the best option for individual travelers? Maybe, but remember, most of the time there will also be groups around.

Interested? Have a look at the specially setup page for the resort.

Or book immediately:

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Have you been to Pangkor before? Stayed at Pangkor Island Beach Resort or the Vikry? Maybe at the Sea View or Puteri Bayu? How were the facilities?

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What are your favorite hotels at Pangkor?

Pasir Bogak

Pasir Bogak is a beautiful beach, there can be little discussion.

Pasir Bogak

Pasir Bogak Pangkor Island

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Pangkor suspension bridge

The Pangkor Suspension Bridge of Jambatan Gantung

Jungle trekking Teluk Segadas to Pasir Bogak

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Canoeing around Pangkor

I joined a group of students to canoe around Pulau Pangkor, an excellent experience and a good way to find out this part of the activities of Explore the Wilderness

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Teluk Nipah/Nipah Bay

Teluk Nipah, or Nipah bay is a favorite for many travelers to Pangkor. Not surprising with the beach and Coral Bay next door.

The beach is even more ideal for families with children or for those who seek solitude and an afternoon undisturbed at the beach.

Teluk Nipah

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Teluk Nipah or Nipah Bay