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Hotels in Lumut

There's quite a few hotels in Lumut despite being a very small town. And yes, I know, most travelers, local and international alike would prefer to stay at Pangkor.

And yes, true, there are beaches of any significance like Pangkor but the town has something to offer to all travelers, but only if you are willing to spend an extra day AND a little effort.

So, where would you stay in Lumut? Are there any decent hotels in Lumut? Yes there are some very nice hotels and they're very decent priced too!

Although the town is small, it offers a wide range of hotels. We have selected just a few of the best in each price class.

There are two sections: Lumut and Teluk Batik.
Lumut hotels Teluk Batik Hotels
Orient Star Hotel Teluk Batik Resort
Blue Bay Hotel Marine Cove Sherwood Resort
Swiss-Garden Golf Resort & Spa Damai Laut Virgo Beach Resort
Lumut Valley Resort Condominium  
Lumut Country Resort  
Galaxy Inn  


Orient Star Hotel

Top end of the hotels in Lumut stands the Orient Star which is located on the way to the Navy Base, opposite of the Lumut Valley Resort Condominium at the sea side. Unfortunately there's no beach to enjoy, just the boulevard. Still, in Lumut this is probably the best choice you can have.

Orient Start Hotel Lumut

The hotel has a swimming pool with some good views on the delta of the Dinding river and the navy base.

Blue Bay Hotel

Blue Bay Resort LumutThe Blue Bay has very nice rooms with views over the Dinding river. The location is near the Lumut Yacht club and the Lumut Waterfront. There's a decent restaurant and the ferry to Pangkor is about 5 minutes away. Part of the building is private apartments and some can be rented for longer stay (3 months minimum, should you be interested, contact us)

Swiss-Garden Golf Resort & Spa Damai Laut

The Swiss-Garden Golf Resort & Spa Damai Laut complex is not located in Lumut itself but opposite of both Lumut and Pangkor.

Swimming pool of Swiss GardenAlthough it is only a few kilometers as the crow flies, it's still 20 km by road. There's no direct boat connection from Lumut.

The 4 star multiple award winner hotel has everything you can possibly want and need for your holiday: beach, swimming pool, golf course, restaurants, bars, childcare and other activities. For sure it's an excellent choice.

More about:

The Lumut Valley Resort Condominium

One of the hotels which is especially popular with long term visitors, people working at the Lumut Plant, navy base, Teluk Rubiah or other special projects, is the Lumut Valley Resort Condominium.

Lumut Valley Resort Condominium

For the retired traveler the Condominium is an excellent choice. Everything can be included, breakfast, house cleaning etc.

How about me coming for holiday? I hear you asking. With it's great views over the bay and the Straits of Malacca you will enjoy your stay even more then you can imagine. The rooms are all on levels from 10 to 50 meters above sea level with some really cool views!

The Pangkor ferry is a 10 minute walk and there are fine western styled cafes and restaurants available. Other facilities the management can arrange for you. Check the details on the Lumut Valley Resort Condominium.

Lumut Country Resort

The Lumut Country Resort is another option. Rooms are spacious, there's a pool and the Lumut Waterfront is nearby. It's a nice place to stay. I've visited it and would like to recommend this as it is quite secluded and very good for families.

Lumut Country Resort
Lumut Country Resort

Galaxy Inn

Lumut, Galaxy InnDuring my very visit to Lumut I stayed in the Galaxy Inn for 2 weeks. The rooms are clean and comfortable, especially if you consider the price.

It is a popular hotel though and usually in the holiday season full. So if you plan to stay here, you should book in advance.

Era Backpackers Hotel

Opposite of the bus station is the Era Back packers hotel, a convenient and cheap hotel with basic facilities for a good price. The hotel is nicely located in the middle of Lumut. It's a few minutes to the restaurants and shop but also to the ferry. It's an ideal place for backpackers and people who want a good and cheap hotel.

More about the Era Backpackers

Teluk Batik

Teluk Batik Resort

Teluk Batik Resort is the best option in Teluk Batik. I've stayed here, and in the Virgo Batik Resort and in Marina Cove (see the options below) several times for our team building activities. I prefer the Teluk Batik Resort. Rooms are nicer, the nice pool is larger, food is better and still the same price compared to Virgo Batik Resort and Marina Cove.

Plus, the resort is located right at Teluk Batik.

Virgo Batik Resort

The Virgo Batik Resort is another interesting and good option to stay at Teluk Batik. It is certainly nicer than Marina Cove but similar to Teluk Batik Resort. If you have to stay at Teluk Batik, I would recommend either the Virgo or the Teluk Batik Resort.

We use the hotel regularly for our teambuilding activities (like the Teluk Batik Hotel). The pool at the back of the hotel is rather small though but the service (as with teluk Batik Resort) is very good.

Marina Cove Resort

The Marina Cove Resort is located several kilometers out of the Lumut town center near (but not at) Teluk Batik. The resort can be reached by taxi.

It's a nice place that deserves more attention then it gets. The hotel has a pool but just behind the hotel you will find the Waterpark, a fun park for children just outside the compound of the hotel.

Marina Cove

It has team building facilities and good access area to the nearby jungle. We use if for our Team Building too. However, the Teluk Batik beach is still another 20 minutes walk.

Rooms on the beach site have really good views towards Pangkor and Marine island.

More about the Marina Cove Resort

More hotels in Lumut

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Lumut Heritage

There isn't a lot heritage left in Lumut. And what there is, will soon be destroyed in the name of development and progress (my expectation). So if you have an interest in heritage buildings in Lumut, you better be quick

Lumut Heritage

Lumut Heritage

Marina Cove

A pleasant hotel in the Teluk Batik area is the Marina Cove. It's located about 10km from Lumut and close to the famous (for locals) Teluk Batik Beach. There's a pool but also a waterpark behind the hotel and there are several treks to organize from here.

Marina Cove

What are your favorite hotels at Pangkor?

Have you been to Pangkor before? Stayed at Pangkor Island Beach Resort or the Vikry? Maybe at the Sea View or Puteri Bayu? How were the facilities?

Share your favorite hotel and help other travelers!

What are your favorite hotels at Pangkor?

Lumut less then a decade ago

Pieter Kruger from South Africa has lived and worked for a few years in Lumut. He saw a very different Lumut as we know it today. When I came to Lumut, in 2003, the old ferry was no longer in service. Yet, Pieter went to Pangkor with the old ferry.

old lumut

He was kind enough to send us some photos of his days in Lumut, not even 10 years ago. But it has dramatically changed!

More photos of Lumut

Map of Lumut

For a map of Lumut, please click here, or on the small map here:

Map of Lumut

River fishing around Lumut

The Dinding river is maybe not very deep but it does contain a range of opportunities for fishermen to gain their daily meal. I went with them to see how they work:

River fishing around Lumut