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Lumut River Cruise - The Dinding River

The Lumut river cruise is one of the more interesting things to do in the town and surrounding. Until recently it was almost impossible to get into the mangrove forest but with the opening of a real evening cruise you can enjoy the mangrove swamps of the Dinding river yourself. It is worth a visit.

view on Lumut from the Dinding River

The Dinding river is in fact more a sort of delta then a long river. The river doesn't go far into the country. In fact, the furthest sources are about 25 km away. It is therefore surprising how big the river arms around Lumut are. The area is mostly rough and even unexplored by most people. Around Lumut you will find many fish and prawn farms using the water for the breeding of fish and prawns.

However, it is also an excellent area to go around by boat. I took a boat to explore the mangrove jungle.

swamps near Lumut
Swamps of the Dinding River near Lumut

It was an eye opener, I have to admit. Of course, I had seen the river. When cycling into Lumut you get a clear visit on the river. Also, when I was in Kampung Atjeh, near the local yacht harbor, there's plenty to see. But Mr. Syed brought me somewhere else. In fact we went close by the the Desair flat complex just outside Lumut. I had already seen the great views from the top of the Desair building and I had been very surprised how far the wetlands stretched out to the horizon. Now, with Mr. Syed I was in the wetlands myself.

Dinding mangrove forest
The Lumut River Cruise gives you a glimpse of the beauty and importance
of the mangrove forest which is in rapid tempo being destroyed all over Malaysia

The swamps are full of life. Many birds nest here and it's a favorite place for the monitor lizards, here in Malaysia better known as biawaks. We passed also the Taman Paya Bakau mangrove park.

We were late in the day at the river. It was very quiet. In fact, apart of birds flying around and the wind, there was little noise. The traffic seemed to be as far away as the moon. With only a few kilometers from civilization, we could have been in a time machine back in the old days before the British and the Dutch were colonizing Malaysia. I was day dreaming about pirates rowing up the river arm and hiding their stolen goods somewhere on one the little islands in the river.

dinding river near Lumut

The further we went on the river, the less water there was. The Dinding delta, if you want to call it a delta is quite wide but has little water in some arms. Some arms are connected but some arms do not have enough water even for a rowboat to pass. Unfortunately we didn't have much time. The boat stopped for some time and we didn't do anything else then listen to the silence and trying to get a glimpse of the birds and other animals living here. It was a great late afternoon trip.

Lumut, Dinding mangrove forest area
Lumut, Dinding mangrove forest area with Desair building
Photo made from a nearby hilltop

Organize your own Lumut River Cruise

It is possible to do a Lumut river cruise. Obtain tickets next to the Tourist Office in Lumut which is close to the Lumut jetty

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