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The Pangkor photos will give you an impression of what the island offers. But not everyone was immediately convinced. "Is it possible and attractive to cycle around Pangkor and shoot some photos", my French friend Cedric asked me. He was a cyclist and had traveled from France to Malaysia. He had seen some places. So I told him, let's see and make up your own mind. So we went, here's some of the results we made that day.

Local cargo boats, occasionally carrying cars too

Pasir Bogak

Back to our original idea... a visit to Pangkor in photos.

We start at Lumut, at the ferry. The ferry building is one of the new buildings, finished in 2003. On your right side you will buy your ticket for RM 10 (return)

Local fishing boats

Fishing boats at Sungai Pinang Kecil and Sungai Pinang Besar

The ferry takes about 40 minutes to reach Pangkor ( here is the schedule). The ferry passes the Naval base on your left side and the Swiss Garden Resort on the right.

The ferry leaves the Dinding river and you will have your view of Pangkor Island.

Pangkor, Dutch Fort

The ferry does not offer a possibility to bring your own car to the island. Locals however have their own way to transport their cars to Pangkor by small local owned boats (not for local or foreign tourist assessable).

While the ferry passes Pangkor you will see plenty of fishing boats ...

Official opening of the Pangkor jetty
Official opening of the Pangkor jetty

Pangkor Town is where you will get off the ferry ... but it all started in 1960 with the official opening of the first Pangkor Jetty by then Minister of Transport Encik Sardon bin Hadj Jubir.

That particular jetty is since long gone and only recently renovated ...

Pangkor Jetti
Pangkor Jetty

On arrival at Pangkor Town we first go to Sungai Pinang Besar, which is basically one town together with Sungai Pinang Kecil.

This is what I would call the industrial area of Pangkor. Both villages are primarily fishing industry or fishing industry related (hence an industrial ice factory and shops selling dried fish.

Sungai Pinang Besar
Sungai Pinang Besar

This is also the place to explore the local cuisine. Plenty of little restaurants offering ordinary Malaysian food, cheap and good.

Foo Lin Kong Temple, Pangkor

Foo Lin Kong temple with a miniature Great Wall

In Sungai Pinang Besar you will find the Foo Lin Kong temple, a fairly new Taoist temple with some nice fish and tortoises in the compound. It is also where you can see a miniature version of the Chinese Great Wall.

Pangkor Town

Just after Singai Pinang Kecil you can find some shipbuilding.

Boat building at Pangkor

The north side of Pangkor is hilly, should you like cycling, this is a challenge ...

The author at his contest to conquer the hills pangkor cycling

Passing the steep slopes you will descent to Teluk Dalam Resort, passing the junction to Pangkor Island Beach Resort and the Pangkor airport before going up in the hills again, although too steep before reaching Coral Bay and Teluk Nipah. This is where you will find the cheaper hotels and guesthouses.

Teluk Nipah

View towards Teluk Nipah, Nipah Beach

After passing Teluk Nipah, again the swindles up and down to Teluk Ketapang, a deserted beach with no facilities. Again you will climb up and down to Pasir Bogak.

Far side of Pasir Bogak

Far side of Pasir Bogak

From Pasir Bogak you will travel back another few kilometers to Pangkor Town. After the Great Fire a few years ago, the town is renovated and rebuild.

Pangkor Town
Pangkor Town main street

Here you will find souvenir shops, banks and a few hotels plus the ferry.

The journey however is not over yet. South Pangkor Town lies the village Teluk Gedung. Here you can do a short trekking through the jungle to Teluk Segadas, a nice beach only assessable through this jungle trail.

A bit further you can visit the Dutch Fort and the Tiger Rock:

Tiger Rock
Tiger Rock with the Dutch East India company logo VOC

The last you might want to see is an abandoned resort a kilometer further on the way south of Tiger Rock.

South East Pangkor

Far south part of Pangkor Island
Far south part of Pangkor Island

Here ends our virtual tour over Pangkor.

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