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Tua Pek Kong Chinese Temple Lumut vicinity

The Tua Pek Kong Chinese temple Lumut area is a quite unique temple in the Lumut area. This is because it is located at the Straits of Malacca viewing the Straits. The location is a little far away from everything else which made me wonder why it was exactly build here.

tue pek kong entrance gate
Entrance gate to the Tua Pek Kong ...

Location of the Tua Pek Kong

Tua Pek Kong temple Pasir Panjiang
The temple in 2010

I have visited this temple several times in the last few years. The changes are quite dramatic. The building processes have been finished and I have to admit, it's an impressive temple complex with a beautiful view to the Straits of Malacca. Anyone having the time and their own transport should visit.

Tua Pek Kong
Hoover your mouse over the photos to get a better view

Tua Pek Kong temple Pasir Panjiang Tua Pek Kong temple Pasir Panjiang Tua Pek Kong temple Pasir Panjiang Tua Pek Kong temple Pasir Panjiang Tua Pek Kong temple Pasir Panjiang
Tua Pek Kong temple Pasir Panjiang Tua Pek Kong temple Pasir Panjiang Tua Pek Kong temple Pasir Panjiang Tua Pek Kong temple Pasir Panjiang Tua Pek Kong temple Pasir Panjiang

The Tua Pek Kong is not easy to find as there are no road signs. Still, it's also not that difficult if you take the right junction. Here's how you reach the temple:

Coming from Teluk Intan:

  1. Take the junction Seri Manjung: road #60 (before Kampong Koh)
  2. Take the next junction left at the first traffic light A 176 to Pasir Panjiang
  3. At the end of A 176, go left, cross the little bridge and take the first small junction right. There is no signboard.
  4. Continue this little road to the end. You will see the bridge as shown below to your right. The temple on the left side visible.

Tua Pek Kong Chinese temple

The temple is one of the few that face directly the Straits of Malacca, which is annually celebrated with a festival. As the location is a bit far from everything else, few people, even locals, seem to know about it.

Tua Pek Kong bridge Pasir Panjiang
Photo was made early 2011

I went there twice. Apparently the temple has been there for many years but has been rebuild in recent times. There is a tiny kampong at the back of the temple and when the temple was build, a bridge was build too to make traveling for the locals easier.

Tua Pek Kong bridge Pasir Panjiang
Before the bridge, turn left ...

Is it worth the effort to visit? I think if you are taking the road as described daytrip by bicycle/motorbike, you can easily visit the temple and yes, I do think it's worth the effort to visit this Chinese temple.

Tua Pek Kong bridge Pasir Panjiang
The temple in early 2011

To get away from the temple, you do not have to use the same way back. Instead, when leaving the temple, just before the bridge, take the junction to your right and follow that to the village. Take the second junction left which will bring you back to the main road.

Taman Monyet Tua Pek Kong temple Pasir Panjiang Taman Monyet Tua Pek Kong temple Pasir Panjiang
Next to the Tua Pek Kong temple there is a small park: Taman Monyet.
It leads into mangrove forest is now open. At the entrance you will find
some little restaurants and shops

At the end of the road, go left to go back to Pasir Panjiang and Seri Manjung or go right and follow the road until you reach the trunk road #5, which connects Teluk Intan and Sitiawan/Seri Manjung. Visiting the Chinese temple is a nice addition to your exploration of the Lumut countryside.

Tua Pek Kong bridge Pasir Panjiang

Pavilions in front of the temple with the Straits of Malacca in front
(early 2010, now replaced)

The building process continues at the beach site itself. Therefore the beach looks disturbingly dirty and destroyed. But in the near future this will change too.

Tua Pek Kong bridge Pasir Panjiang

Road that leads back to civilization

Rest the last question... is a visit to this temple essential in the surrounding of Lumut. Not really but if you are in the area, it's a nice stopover.

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