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Property in Malaysia: real estate in Sitiawan

Interested in buying property in Malaysia? You may want to check Sitiawan as this is one of the biggest booming towns in the country. Literally everywhere construction is going on. Soon Sitiawan, Seri Manjung and neighboring Lumut will merge into one larger city. For that reason it's an excellent base for future investments.

Taman Suria Sitiawan

Let me make one thing clear, when I came to Sitiawan in 2003 for the first time, it was a sleepy little town without much that could make you stay longer then an hour or so. So what has changed in the time between then and now?

In fact, a lot has changed. The Lumut Port has been increased, including the building of a part of the Maritime Universities & Academies next to the port. The continuing growth of the town has resulted in several projects of new housing areas. On this page we give only a few examples what you can expect in Sitiawan. So let's start:

Taman Pelangi

This is a rather big area at the south side of the Sitiawan city center. It has almost all new houses. The area is nicely setup not far from the Sitiawan city center and the Kampong Koh market.

Taman Pelangi, Sitiawan

If you are looking for an ordinary house, this would be my favourite area if I had to choose. You will find here mostly ordinary houses, nothing fancy, typical family property in Malaysia.

Taman Bintang

Taman Bintang has more upmarket houses. It's located just opposite of Taman Pelangi. Taman Bintang is almost totally surrounded by palm oil plantations. There are double and triple storey houses.

Taman Bintang Sitiawan

Taman Limau

In the same area, a bit closer to the Sitiawan town center, you will find Taman Limau. This area has more 2 and 3 storey houses.

Taman Limau Sitiawan

Taman Limau too is partly surrounded by palm oil estates.

Kampong Cina - Taman Mutiara

Kampong Cina has several new build areas as Taman Mutiara, which is an enclosure with mid range and family housing. It's a bit far from the shopping areas but there are the local stores for your daily needs within a few minutes walk. Personally I like it here.

Kampong Cina - Taman Mutiara

Kampong Cina - Taman Emas

Taman Emas in Kampong Cina is closer to Seri Manjung town. Here you find basic double storey houses plus a few bungalows.

Kampong Cina - Taman Emas

The "Giant" area

Giant supermarket has boosted a building process of property in Malaysia and in Sitiawan/Seri Manjung in particular. Around Giant, just outside Seri Manjung in the direction of Taiping (about 400 meter from the "Uncle Zam" junction, Giant is responsible for an explosion of shoplots and housing area. Lorong Sejati is probably the nicer area here. It's located opposite of the Giant Supermarket.

There are many more areas, but as explained earlier, this is just a sample of Sitiawan property in Malaysia. Interested? Contact our real estate agent for details.

Disclaimer: some of the particular houses on this page might be sold when you read it. Other similar houses might be available. This page is merely to give you an idea what to expect. So contact our agent and explain what you like.

Lorong Sejati Sitiawan

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