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Pangkor Weddings

Your wedding or attend a cultural wedding at Pangkor

The Pangkor weddings page falls in two sections: how to arrange a wedding at Pangkor and a section about Malaysian cultural weddings. The first section informs you how to arrange your wedding at Pangkor. arrival at Nipah Bay Villa

However, if you are already married or have no intentions to get married, the second section is absolutely for you! The section introduces you into the world of Malay, Indian and Chinese wedding celebrations at Pangkor and further in Malaysia.

The reason I added it in the page is that it is possible you will sooner or later during your visit to Pangkor, Penang, Langkawi or other places in Malaysia, see or even attend a wedding. What can you expect? Is it the same as in the west? Or is it different? We'll see!

Wedding at Pangkor

The Honeymoon Suite of Swiss-Garden Golf Resort & Spa Damai LautOrganizing your wedding at Pangkor might be a little far fetched for most of you but consider this: isn't your wedding day the most special day of your life? Right, so get married here at Pangkor might be a great option. The best way to organize it is to get in touch with one of the hotels here who have the experience and knowledge to organize it.

Of course you can also come to Pangkor for your honeymoon. The above hotels have honeymoon suites (see the Swiss Garden honeymoon suite on the photo).

Marriage Regulations in Malaysia

You need certain documents from your country beforehand to avoid any inconveniences of registering your marriage. Providing you the information for a legal marriage in Malaysia and requirements to get married in Malaysia. Find out more about getting married in Malaysia here.

More about marriage regulations of Malaysia

Cultural weddings in Malaysia: Malay, Indian and Chinese

Malaysia is a multicultural society. There are 3 main racial groups to be distinguished: Malays, Chinese and Indians. They all have their specific wedding ceremonies. I went to several Malay, Chinese and Indian weddings (a Malay and Indian at Pangkor, a Malay, Indian and Chinese further on in Malaysia)

My advice? If you are in the opportunity, join! It's another very different side of Malaysia.

Here are a few photos of Malay, Chinese and Indian weddings I visited in Malaysia.

Indian Wedding in Parit Buntar 
Hoover your mouse over the photos to get a better view

Malay Wedding in Pangkor Chinese wedding in Kuala Kurau Indian wedding at Pangkor

Weddings in Pangkor and further in Malaysia have everything to do with the money people are willing to spend. I have visited smaller and bigger weddings (one Indian wedding had 1500 guests, the Chinese wedding had over 2000 guests). Usually weddings have a smaller amount of guests though.

Each of the races in Malaysia have their own traditions related to their religious beliefs. On some of the weddings I was in the opportunity to have a look "behind the scene", so to say.

In short:

Malay wedding, bride's parents houseMalay Wedding:

I was invited to join the wedding at both the bride and grooms hometown (Kedah and Pangkor). This was a real eye opener. Both days couldn't be different. The first day at the bride's home was amazing. This was a (as some locals explained) typical kampong wedding in Kampong Cempedak, including a real rice rocket cooker and Pentjak silat demonstration.

The second day at Nipah Bay, Pangkor couldn't be different. Almost everything was different, clothes, music, food, entrance of bride and groom ... Only the weather was the same.

Suresh and his sistersIndian  Wedding

I have been to several Indian weddings, mostly in Parit Buntar and Kuala Kurau, not far from Penang. The reports of one particular wedding in Parit Buntar is here available on the website.

It was a huge wedding party in Parit Buntar with around 1500 guests.

An Indian wedding is usually a very colourful event with loud music and lots of food.

At Pangkor I was lucky to be invited for a wedding ceremony at the Vikri Beach Resort. This was a much smaller wedding and very different.

I was explained this was a typical "island" wedding.

Chinese wedding

With Miss Goh Huey Ching's parentsI went to several Chinese weddings in Kuala Kurau, Parit Buntar, Sitiawan and Seri Manjung. These weddings are for the outside world mostly a visit to the wedding dinner.

However, in Kuala Kurau I was lucky to be invited to follow the ways of bride and groom preparing for their wedding, including all the prayer sessions (they kept a hold on the grooms prayer session until I had returned from the bride's house!).

After all the preparations, picking up the bride the bride, groom, parents, family and friends went to the dinner area, in this case a sports hall where more than 2000 people were invited to celebrate the wedding.

If you are coming to Malaysia, and get in the opportunity to visit a Chinese wedding, it's mostly the dinner that counts. And the Chinese wedding dinners are usually extensive and excellent. Advice if you attain a Chinese wedding dinner, eat slowly and little. There is always more to come!

Each racial group have their own customs. I felt it an honour to attend these weddings and I hope my reports show how much I enjoyed it. If you have a possibility to attain a wedding in Pangkor or elsewhere, do not hesitate and join. It's a life changing experience.

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