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More then two years after starting this website it was time to start the Pangkor Forum. Why a forum? Let me put it this way, a forum is another way how we can spread out the word that Pangkor is a great holiday destination.

I write my newsletters, update my blogs and have my and your Pangkor Stories on the website but there was not yet away people with Pangkor knowledge could directly communicate with each other.

The Pangkor Forum is the logic next step. You, my dear reader can now join the buzz about Pangkor, add your knowledge and share your fun.

We do know Pangkor is beautiful and worth a visit. And the Pulau Pangkor.com is promoting Pangkor. However, the best promotion still comes from you, the visitor. And many people will have questions. Let's answer them together! Or if you want to subscribe to the Pangkor Guest Book, please do it here!

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general pangkor questions 
Where the best place for snorkeling in Pangkor..What rate?

getting sea shells in Pangkor 
Hi many thanks for creating this informative website. I have added it in my favourites for future travel to other malaysian islands. I am going to …

travel advice pangkor 
Hi, if my budget is RM150-RM200, is it possible to travel at pangkor for 3D2N?

Pangkor Crystal Clean Water 
I wish to know which beach in Pangkor have the most crystal clean water? As my friends told me not all the beaches is clean. Which hotels can be recommended …

anjungan pangkor 
hi there, I'm new in this forum.have anyone stayed at anjungan pangkor resort at teluk nipah? i heard that this place is nice as seen in thier website. …

Pokok Cinta / Couple's Tree - location anyone? 
Hi guys, I'm looking to get more information on this "Pokok Cinta / Couple's Tree" in Pangkor. It's a nice spot on a rock, with 2 trees (hence the "cinta" …

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