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Hiking in Lumut

Why would you go hiking in Lumut when you can do great hikes at Pangkor Island? There is not much choice in town but there is one trail which is surely very good. It starts at ...

The Navy Base with opposite Damai Laut

The Navy Base with opposite Damai Laut

While in Lumut, move to the Orient Start hotel (direction Navy Base). Pass the Orient Hotel and the opposite junction to the Lumut Valley Condominium. The next junction to your left shows some old government houses, heritage if you like (another 50 meters or so). On your right there's the police station.

Follow the road, there's a huge apartment complex being build, just continue another 200 meter and you will see the starting point to go hiking in Lumut. A little further is an Indian temple.

Starting point of your hiking in Lumut
The Indian temple at the starting point of hiking in Lumut

The entrance to the trek is clear. From now on the hike goes up to 331 meter altitude. It doesn't sound much but boy, the path is steep here and there. To make it easier, there are ropes hanging so you may be able to pull yourself up or simply get a bit of balance.

The path swindles up, here and there steep but very doable. You have to wear proper shoes, sportswear will do. Hiking in Lumut will not give you a lot of problems with mosquitoes except if you come really early or at almost sunset.

Leeches are also hardly a problem with hiking in Lumut except sometimes when it rains. But I have never seen them.

Starting point for hiking in Lumut 
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Hiking in Lumut somewhere half way Hiking in Lumut in the first few 100 meters Hiking in Lumut reaching the top Hiking in Lumut at the top

Depending on your fitness it takes anything from 45-75 minutes to reach a small junction on the path to your right. 20 meters further you will have some fine views to the Lumut Navy Base, Damai Laut and Damar Laut while in the far a piece of Pangkor is visible.

View to Damai Laut, Damar Laut and the Dinding river
View to Damai Laut, Damar Laut and the Dinding river

It's a popular for locals to go hiking in Lumut and it's likely in the later afternoon you will meet some locals hiking up. Make sure you bring a bottle of water, you will need it.

View from the top to the prawn farms around Seri Manjung
View from the top to the prawn farms around Seri Manjung

After the nice views the path leads for another 10 minutes or so further up until you reach the top. Nothing much to see although you may have a glimpse of Damar Laut and the prawn farms around Seri Manjung but most is hidden by the trees.

Unfortunately here the trail ends. You have to hike back to Lumut town. Personally I think the descending is at some points more difficult than climbing up. Just take your time going down. On the way there are slight alternative paths but in the end all come back on the main trail.

Hiking in Lumut on the way upHiking in Lumut on the way up

Wildlife on the way.

Today (Wednesday May 2, 2012) I did the trail and was lucky. There were a couple of macaques but more interesting, I saw 3 wild boar sneaking around. The first 2 were huge back animals which I first heard (I saw plenty of wild boar trails on the main path), and a little later I saw them, briefly. The second single animal was gone before I could say "hello". The most likely change to see wild boar is if you go on your own.

Hiking in Lumut on the way up Hiking in Lumut on the way up

A Guide?

The trail is clear and almost everywhere there are hanging ropes. There's no need for a guide.

And what if you continue after reaching the top?

Once on the top, there are trails leading further down in other directions. I will not recommend to try them out without a local guide. I've been on these trails and they are confusing.

At the top the trail to Teluk Muroh is clear... that changes soon
At the top, the trail to Teluk Muroh is clear... that changes soon

The main trail going down will eventually lead you to Teluk Muroh but the trail first splits (the continuing path will lead to the Navy Base, the path to your left will disappear and appear continuously. It's a tricky trail. Some locals might tell you it leads all the way to Teluk Batik but that is impossible. However, the main trail going down takes about an hour and a half to reach Teluk Muroh.

The path to Teluk Muroh... where to go now?

The path to Teluk Muroh... where to go now?

Recently there is a bus service available from Teluk Batik/Marina Island to Seri Manjung. If you are patient enough, you can catch that bus and from Seri Manjung a bus back to Lumut. My recommendation: get a guide for the hike to Teluk Muroh, it is very easy to get lost.

Other options for hiking in Lumut

Another hike can be done from Teluk Batik, not far away though you need either your own transport to Teluk Batik or hire a taxi.

Hiking in Lumut

Jungle trekking at Pangkor

There are two options: the trekking to Bukit Pangkor and the trekking from Teluk Segadas to Pasir Bogak:

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