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Nipah Beach and Coral Bay

Nipah Beach or Teluk Nipah in Malay is one of the best beaches at Pangkor. It's also home to many hotels and hostels on the island.

Nipah Beach, a long beautiful stretch of white sand

Nipah Beach is much more quiet then the Pasir Bogak. Usually people talk about one beach but in fact there are two separate beaches: Teluk Nipah and Coral Bay but as they are so close many people forget they are separated.

Beach Front at Teluk Nipah
Beach Front at Teluk Nipah

Nipah Beach is a several hundred meters long stretch of white sand and it is my favorite beach at Pulau Pangkor. The beach is laid in a bay, as it can be best seen at the next pictures:

Pulau Giam Pangkor
Pulau Giam Photo printed with permission© Syed Kamalrul Sufian

The beach is secluded. Therefore there is little current and it is a very safe place to swim. The water is comfortable warm and never too deep. In fact, during low tide, you will be able to walk to Pulau Giam, the island you see right in front of the beach.

Coral Bay, Teluk Nipah

There are beaches at Pulau Giam and it's slightly bigger neighbor: Pulau Metagor. Usually you have to rent a boat to go there. You can hire a boat at the Nipah beach for visit to all nearby islands.

Teluk Nipah boulevard

Stay at Nipah Bay

Nipah Bay is a very popular place to stay, and not for nothing. The beach has great white sand, blue waters and in the evening excellent sunsets. There are a many good places to stay.

Nipah Beach, seen from Pulau Giam
Nipah Beach and the food stalls seen from the seaside,
now replaced by proper buildings

There are two little side streets at Nipah Bay. Here you find many other hotels and resorts.

Teluk Nipah beach

Sit on the beach and relax while you enjoy the sun and the water. Don't forget to bring a drink and sun cream.

Nipah Beach

Coral Bay

Along the road you will find food stalls that serve noodle and rice dishes as well as some local specialties as barbeque fish, squid and shrimps.

The new Daddy's Cafe, one of the new cafe's at Coral Bay
The new Daddy's Cafe, one of the new cafe's at Coral Bay.

Nipah Beach

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Hotels at Teluk Nipah

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Teluk Nipah or Nipah Bay

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