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Pasir Bogak

Pasir Bogak claims to have the "Greatest Swimming pool in the World." Regardless, this is a beautiful beach, no matter if the claim is true. Around the main area you will find plenty of hotels, all within minutes walk from the beach. A bit away from the hotels area, the beach is even better (see the photo below). Especially off season and week days you can be completely on your own.

Pasir Bogak Beach Pangkor

If you are lucky, you might see seaotters swimming nearby but I only saw them once since 2004.

The sea is perfectly safe for families with little children although you will need sunscreen to protect your skin.

Pasir Bogak Pangkor island in Perak

All along the stretch of beach there are picnic tables but you will have to bring your own food and drinks from either your hotel or Pasir Bogak center.

Pasir Bogak at Pulau Pangkor

Pasir Bogak, largest swimming pool in the world? It is a lovely place

You might see local fishermen being busy to get their nets in. They're happy with a helping hand.

Children helping local fishermen catching fish at Pasir Bogak
Children helping local fishermen catching fish at Pasir Bogak

Some vendors in Pasir Bogak center have cool and fresh green coconuts for sale. As a way to kill your thirst, I would recommend it. Some good fruits can be found here too. Pineapples and rambutan are always good and tasty.

Pasir Bogak beach, Pangkor Island in Perak
The far side of Pasir Bogak

At the far side of Pasir Bogak, passing the Sea View Hotel, you will find the Sea Weed plantation of Mr. and Mrs. Beh.

growing seaweed at Pasir Bogak

pufferfishThe sea weed is dried and sold in the Ikan Bilis shop in Pangkor Town, see my Ikan Bilis page for more details

You can go for a swim here but some of the sea floor is a little rocky, so be careful.

Coconut palm trees are right on the beach and give you some protection (if you need it) from the midday sun.

The beach is indeed a few kilometers long stretch of sand and it is clear why it is a very popular beach.

I liked the view in front of me. From here you watch Pangkor Laut, the exclusive resort just a mile away from Pangkor but miles away from the rest of the world when you stay there.

Another option is to go out for jungle trekking. Behind the school is a path that leads deep in the jungle. WARNING. I have twice tried to hike from Teluk Segadas to Pasir Bogak and got lost twice too. The paths, even for experienced trekkers (some of my local friends got lost here too) are confusing and signs have been wearing off. Few people nowadays go jungltrekking here. You can read more about my both failures to reach Pasir Bogak from Teluk Segadas here. If you want to do this trekking, make sure you have a local guide who KNOWS.

Pasir Bogak beach, Pangkor Island in Perak

Pasir Bogak, at the suspension bridge can be the starting point for a jungle trekking to the center of Pangkor, with Bukit Pangkor as it's highest point. I recommend doing this trekking with a different starting point (the other side of the island near the incinerator). Here is more about that trekking.

Pasir Bogak beach, Pangkor Island in Perak

As it goes on more commercial beaches, some people make money with hiring boats to make a trip around the island. You won't find a problem to rent a boat here.

And you might see some fishermen busy fishing from the beach catching pufferfish (see photo).

So in the end, did I think Pasir Bogak was the Biggest Swimming Pool in the World. It's a good beach, good facilities and yes, it might be the Biggest Swimming Pool in the World. And, it is even during peak season surprisingly quiet!

Pasir Bogak, one of the beaches of Pulau Pangkor
Fishermen at the beach of Pasir Bogak

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