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Chinese wedding - A photo report

The following page may load a bit slow. This is because it contains mostly pictures I made during a Chinese wedding. Mr. Ong Kok Lam and Miss Goh Huey Ching had their marriage party on the 27th November 2005. Here is a photographic overview of the 27th and the day before when the bride had her wedding party.
Mr. Ong Kok Lam
Ready to cut the wedding cake
Miss Goh Huey Ching
Yam sing
Waiting for guest to arrive at the brides wedding dinner party
Mr. and Mrs. Khoo On Ah Hee
Praying in pajamas
In pajamas, ready for respect and prayers
Is he worth to take this bride? The girls are not sure!
Minutes before the brides wedding dinner starts
You gotta do something for your friends....
Together offering to the gods and ancestors
Mr. and Mrs. Ong Kok Lam
Arrival at Mr. Ong Kok Lam's house in Kulau Kurau
Tea ceremony with relatives
Arrival at the dinner hall
Mr. and Mrs. Khoo On Ah Hee
Ready for the wedding dinner
Important Malay guests
Yam sing
A hall full of guests


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