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Vikri Beach Resort - Pasir Bogak's hidden gem

Vikri Beach Resort is a resort at the Pasir Bogak beach. Up to a few years ago it was mostly used as a camping area and also provided "A" shaped huts for low budget travelers. This has changed for the better. The older and cheaper chalets were all upgraded and a nice set of brand new chalets are built.

Vikri Beach Resort

As for the location, the Vikri Beach Resort is also nicely positioned. It's a little bit away from the other resorts at Pasir Bogak, making it more quiet. Opposite the resort lies what some people call the biggest swimming pool in the world which is the beach of Pasir Bogak. The way the chalets are arranged (semi-circular facing the sea), all of them have beach and sea view.

Earlier this week, December 2007, I visited the Vikri only to find out how nice the owner, Mr. Vijay had developed his family business. The Resort is a family business which immediately gave me a different feeling compared to more conventional impersonal hotels.

Vikri Beach Resort chalets

The Vikri is a small resort, with a little more than a dozen chalets. The oldest chalets are the cheapest, around RM 100/night. Being the oldest doesn't mean the chalets are not nice, on the contrary, the chalets are well maintained and worth the price.

Vikri Beach Resort
Vikri Beach Resort

Last year Mr. Vijay built two other sets of chalets. These chalets are all air-conditioned, have Astro cable TV with hot water showers. In front of all the chalets there is a large shadowy area with huge trees and green lawn. A small fountain is built near the entrance of the compound. Thus, even in the heat of the day, the compound is surprisingly cool.

As the Vikri is built next to the hill slopes, on the back of the chalets the Pangkor jungle can be found. The result is that at night the rhythm of the jungle will slowly rock you asleep. This is very pleasant when you can also hear the ocean lullaby in front of you.

Room of Vikri Beach Resort
Family type B chalet

The Resort has its own restaurant serving Indian, Malay, Chinese and western food.

The Vikri Beach Resort is especially a good value for individual travelers who come for some peace and tranquillity. However, if you come with your family you will enjoy the Vikri too. The compound in front of the chalets can be used to all kinds of activities. For other activities on Pangkor, the staff of the resort are very helpful.

Types of rooms

There are three types of rooms.

  • Family room type A (1 double bed, 1 single bed)
  • Family room type B (2 double beds)
  • Standard room (1 double bed)


Type of chalet

Normal Rates

Peak rates

Standard chalet  RM 95.00  RM 125.00
Family room type A  RM 150.00  RM 180.00
Family room type B  RM 170.00  RM 200.00

Extra mattress can be requested at RM10.00 per night.

Definition of rates:

  • Normal rates (weekdays)
  • Peak rates (Malaysian and Singaporean school holidays, the eves of Public holidays, Federal territories and state holidays, Malaysian and Singaporean Public Holidays and weekends).

RM30.00 surcharge is imposed on top of the peak rates on the eve of Malaysian Public Holidays and state holidays.

The rates above do not apply during the period of Chinese New Year and Hari Raya.

Here are some more photos of the resort

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The Vikri Breach Resort is a nice chalet hotel right at the Pasir Bogak Beach. We thought you may wanted to have a closer look at the resort. Here's a photo page. It may load a bit slower as it mostly contains photos.

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