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Facts about Pangkor Island

Facts about Pangkor Island facts are easy to obtain. On this page we have collected the information you need to know when you want to visit Pangkor.

On this page you will further find:

Food and Drinks

One note about food and drinks. Malaysia is a Muslim country. Muslims are not allowed to drink alcohol. However beer and liquids are widely available. Most of the Chinese restaurants serve beer and stronger local liquids (rice wine). The minimum age for consuming alcohol is 18.

Further, during the Ramadan period the Muslim restaurants will be closed at day time. Chinese and (Hindu) Indian reastaurants are open. In the cities you won't have problems to find food but in the kampongs it can be difficult. Be respectful to believers, do not offend them.

Banks and ATM

Long term backpacker or on holiday for 3 weeks, sooner or later you will need a bank. There are ATM's in Pangkor Town.

The Malaysians call their currency Malaysian Ringit. Some older people will call it the Malaysian Dollar. Here's some useful information:

  • Currency: US$ 1.00 is about Malaysian ringit RM 3.10 . 1 Euro is RM 4.00
  • Credits Cards: Can be used in hotels and ATM of Maybank on Pangkor Island
  • Traveler’s Checks: Can be exchanged at the Maybank on Pangkor Island, some hotels might be willing to exchange Travelers Checks but the rate will not be profitable.
  • ATM Machines: On Pangkor Island there are ATM machines on Jalan Pasir Bogak in Pangkor Town, further there are ATM's and banks in the nearby towns of Lumut, Seri Manjung and Sitiawan. The most convenient is Maybank which accepts all major credit and debit cards (cirrus-meastro, mastercard, visa)

The Malaysian ringit or dollar comes in notes of RM 1, RM 5, RM 10, RM 20, RM 50, RM 100, RM 500 although you won't find many notes bigger then RM 50 outside Kuala Lumpur. There are also coins of 1, 5, 10, 20 and 50 sen and 1 ringit. (There are 100 sen in 1 ringit).

Check for the exact exchange rate our currency converter.

If the bank or the ATM runs out of money, you can change your money at some of the hotels. Alternatively, you can go Lumut where there are more banks available.

In Malaysia the maximum you can take out of the ATM is RM 1500.00 per day. In some cities like Kuala Lumpur this can be more.

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Teluk Ketapang at Pulau Pangkor
Teluk Ketapang beach

Driving permit

All drivers in Malaysia are required a valid driving license. This can be a Malaysian driving license or a foreign driving license. An international driving license is accepted if the foreign driving license has been lost or is being renewed.

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Emergency service

  • Police: For emergencies call 999, you will be reconnected the nearest Police station.
  • Fire and Ambulance service: Call 999, you will be reconnected to the nearest Fire Brigade station.

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Health services

Klinik Desa
Sungai Pinang Kecil
32300 Pulau Pangkor
Telephone: 605-6853906
Klinik Kesihatan
Pulau Pangkor
32300 Pulau Pangkor
Telephone: 605-6854048
Klinik Desa
Teluk Kecil
32300 Pangkor
Telephone: 605-6853907

Be good prepared before going on the road. Facts about Pangkor would not be complete with some information on Health and Safety issues

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Internet access

Many hotels offer wireless internet in the room. There are also several internet cafes in Pangkor Town, Pasir Bogak and Nipah Bay available.

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The official language in Malaysia is Bahasa Malaysia. English is widely spoken. Here's some phrases you may find useful:
English Bahasa Malaysia Mandarin Chinese
Yes Ya Shi
No Tidak Bu shi
Hello Hello Ni hao
Thank you Terima kasih Xie xie
Good morning Selamat pagi Zao an
Good afternoon Selamat tengah hari Wu an
Good evening Selamat petang Wu an
Good night Selamat malam Wan an
Goodbye Selamat jalan Zai jian
My name is Nama saya Wo ming jiao
How are you? Apa khabar? Ni hao ma?
I am fine Khabar baik Wo hen hao
How much? Berapa? Duo sao qian?
What is this? Apa ini? Ze shi shen me?
Me Saya Wo
You Awak Ni
He/she Dia ta
We Kami wo men
They Mereka ta men
Where Di mana Zai nali
I don't understand Saya tidak faham Wo bu ming bai

Can't wait until you come to Malaysia and learn more Bahasa Malaysia, or is it Bahasa Melayu? Miss Wan has an answer on that question too. She wrote an extensive website about learning the National Malaysian language online. Although, she claims the website is primarily for youngsters, I find it very well written for my own purposes (and trust me, I am a little older then the target group:), it's a great start for beginners, but also useful for experienced Bahasa Malaysia speakers: click here to go to Miss Wan's website about learning Bahasa Malaysia/Melayu which is indeed simple fun.

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Most of the hotels offer laundry service. There is a laundry shop on Jalan Pasir Bogak in Pangkor Town.

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Post Office

There is a post office in Pangkor Town. On the mainland there are a few post offices in the vicinity.
Pulau Pangkor
239 F Jalan Pasir Bogak
Pulau Pangkor
Telephone: 05-6851281
16 F Jalan Dato Haji Ishak
Telephone: 05-6835268
Seri Manjung
627 F Jalan Kayu Manis
Seri Manjung
Telephone: 05-6881903
40 F Jalan Datuk Ahmad Yunus
Telephone: 05-6911187

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Telephone service

The area code for the whole of Perak is 05. You will find phone booths all around the island. Phone cards can be bought at many local shops and stalls.

Are you planning to use your cell phone in Pangkor? You will need a world phone in order to get good reception. Some remote beach areas have very poor reception.

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Tourist Information

There is no tourist information center at Pangkor, but there is one in Lumut, nearby the jetty.

The address of the Tourist Information Lumut is:
Lumut Tourist Information Centre
Jalan Sultan Idris Shah
32200 Lumut,
Telephone: 05-6834057

Visa information

We have collected the visa information on a separate page. Click here for the visa information


So, when do you have to go to Pangkor? Is there a "best season"? Read more about the weather and how to prepare for the weather conditions at and around Pangkor island Malaysia. Click here for the weather at Pangkor in Perak.

Working permit

All foreigners who want to work in Malaysia require a work permit.

Here is some additional background information on Malaysia, its people, religion, and much more.

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Diving at Pangkor

It's possible again! Since late 2011, Quiver Dive Team have a dive team ready to show you the beauty of Pulau Sembilan.

Pulau Sembilan, diving

Don't dismiss Sembilan Islands, the quality of underwater wildlife here is great and includes a wide range of nudibranches, turtles, leopard sharks, lesser barracudas, trigger fish and even the pygmee seahorse!

Quiver Dive Team have leisure dives (3 dives a day) and technical dive course available.

More about diving at Pangkor/Pulau Sembilan

Book your diving holiday or technical diving course at Pangkor

Events and Festival in and around Pangkor

While you travel in Malaysia, it's likely you will be somewhere when there's something to do. Check here what event or festival is on in Malaysia and around Pangkor.

Click here for more information

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