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Hotels at Teluk Nipah

This page offers a selection of hotels at Teluk Nipah (Nipah Bay). There are no hotels located directly at the beach but the beach is never further away than a minute walk.

What are your favorite hotels at Pangkor?

Have you been to Pangkor before? Stayed at Pangkor Island Beach Resort or the Vikry? Maybe at the Sea View or Puteri Bayu? How were the facilities?

Share your favorite hotel and help other travelers!

What are your favorite hotels at Pangkor?

Anjungan Beach Resort

The Anjungan Beach Resort is a more upmarket hotel at Teluk Nipah. All rooms face the boat-shaped pool. It is perfect for people who wish extra comfort in lodging in the area.

Anjungan Beach ResortSome travelers complain about the staff being not friendly to locals and seem to prefer serving foreigners. But the hotel is a good choice for the price you pay.

Here is more about Anjungan Beach Resort with many photos.

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Nipah Guesthouse (recommended!!)

Nipah Guesthouse Pangkor IslandThe lovely little family run Nipah Guesthouse is where you will find a home away from home. Mr. Annuar and his wife will make sure you will not easy forget this place.

I doubt you will find an easier going and more friendly hotel at Pangkor than this one.

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Horizon Inn

The Horizon Inn is located at Nipah Bay on the main road side. As the name suggest, the front rooms have a view to the sea and the horizon.

The Horizon Inn has downstairs a good and popular restaurant where the air is cool and you'll enjoy some good meals. The hotel offers some package deals. Check our Horizon-Inn page for more details and pictures of the Horizon Inn.

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Chalets at Nipah Bay Villa, a little kampong in Teluk NipahNipah Bay Villa

The Nipah Bay Villa is one of the oldest hotels in the middle of Teluk Nipah. The NBV has chalets and depending on size and quality, a different price. The owners have done everything to make you feel like living in a small Malaysian kampong.

At the back of the compound there's a building where you can get dorms.

Nipah Bay Villa has a restaurant available with a English menu and some good western and Malay dishes.

Have a closer look at the Nipah Bay Villa.

Check also the new Rooftop Cafe

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Flora Beach Resort

Flora Beach Resort, located in the heart of Teluk Nipah is another no frills chalet hotel. Chalets are much like the above mentioned Nipah Bay Villa. There's an onside restaurant in the garden and the hotel likes to keep the place green. Although Wifi is available, it's only in the lobby and restaurant. But the Flora Beach Resort, although it's not really a resort is a good and reasonable priced choice.

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Nazri Nipah Camp

Relaxing at the Nazrih Nipah Camp in the lush forest.The Nazri Nipah Camp is located at Teluk Nipah. The Camp offers 10 small huts. Some of the huts are triangle sized. All have fans and mattresses available. Some of the huts have attached bathrooms.

Food is available for reasonable prices. There is a barbeque on request available with a minimum of 10 people. There is a central relaxing area with music and TV (football seems to be very popular).

The Nazrih Nipah Camp has a laundry service available. Adik, the manager is a musician. Don't be surprised when you come you find him jamming with the guests or some friends.

But the main reason why I like the Nazrih Nipah Camp is it's relaxed and cool atmosphere under the shady trees.

It has for sure a sort of "jungle feeling". Highly recommended if you travel "on a shoestring". Don't expect a 5 star hotel, but you can expect a 5 star atmosphere. Price of the huts depend on having a attached bathroom, but start from RM 50.

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Pangkor Rimba Kem

Pangkor Rimba Kem, economy chaletPangkor Rimba Kem is located at Coral Beach, about 1 km from Nipah Village at the lovely Coral Bay beach. Although it's a little far from Nipah Village (10 minutes walk), I still want to offer you this beach chalet option as it is one of the very few located at the beach.

There are standard and economy chalets for RM 80 and RM 150. There are 4 dormitories for 18 people each. The standard chalets look out over Coral Bay and it's a great view.

The hostel has a restaurant but it's only available for groups. This means if you come on your own, you have to find your meal in the Nipah village, a 15 minutes walk from the hotel.

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Teluk Nipah/Nipah Bay

Teluk Nipah, or Nipah bay is a favorite for many travelers to Pangkor. Not surprising with the beach and Coral Bay next door.

The beach is even more ideal for families with children or for those who seek solitude and an afternoon undisturbed at the beach.

Teluk Nipah

Teluk Nipah or Nipah Bay

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