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Malay wedding, the photos in Kedah
Hazman Bin Sabtu weds Zurul Affza Binti Mohd Yusoff

I have made many photos during both days of the Malay wedding. There were too many to use in the pages I wrote so I decided to make a photo page. Please be patient as the page may load slow due to the amount of pictures. However, it will give you a good impression of the both days.

praying with the brides father
Inside the house sitting at the pelamin praying

So let's see what it looks like. I hope you will enjoy watching the photos as I enjoyed it making them. It was one of the pleasures of my life.
Malay wedding, pelamin
The Pelamin in Guar Cempedak
flowers at the malay wedding
Flowers in the parents house in Guar Cempedak
parents house in Guar Cempedak
Waiting for guests to come
Rice rocket cooker
The rocket rice cooker
chanting in the parents house
Prayers chanting in the house
malay wedding procession
Preparing for the arrival of bride and groom
malay wedding procession
Arrival of the bride and groom in procession
malay wedding procession, family follows
Family follows the bride and groom in the procession
Malay wedding, formal arrival
Formal arrival at the parent house in Guar Cempedak
malay wedding, taking their place at the pelamin
On the way to have lunch
Time for lunch
Bride and groom, hungry for some excellent food
thanks to the pentjak silat
Thanking the youngest of the Pentjak Silat groups
The orchestra of the pentjak silat group
The pentjak silat orchestra
the youngest of the pentjak silat group
Pentjak Silat, the youngest group
Malay wedding food
There was a lot of yummy food!
Malay wedding food
And more yummy food

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