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Malay wedding in Pangkor
Hazman Bin Sabtu weds
Zurul Affza Binti Mohd Yusoff

A Malay wedding is celebrated at both parents. houses. On the 21st of August I had visited the first day at the brides parents house in Guar Chempedak. You can read that part of the story here. The 25th of August was the day the celebrations continued at the Nipah Bay Villa hotel at Pulau Pangkor, the home of the groom. You can leave your comments here.

Zurul Affza  Hazman
Left: Zurul Affza Binti Mohd Yusoff
Right: Hazman Bin Sabtu

at the Nipah Bay Villa
The happy couple at the Nipah Bay Villa in Pulau Pangkor

The celebrations, as said, were taking place at the Nipah Bay Villa which was closed for a few days (btw, it was for people passing by no problem to join and experience a typical Malay wedding).

I arrived around 11.30am. The first guests had already arrived but there was no sign of the bride and groom. I was told they were still preparing.

Malay wedding, lots of excellent halal food
A lot of yummy food for the guests

This meant I had some time to go around and see what the family had done to decorate the dinning hall. It was clear who had a hand in the organization: Mrs. Sabtu. Everything looked perfect.

The dining area was decorated with fifty dozens roses, ferns, baby breaths and daisies which had been specially ordered all the way from the Cameron Highlands. Flowers in the tropical heat never last long and they are expensive. But these roses were all fresh.

The atmosphere was very different compared to the day in Guar Chempedak. Don't get me wrong, not better or worse, simply very different. Both families had made a serious effort to make the wedding day perfect and to me both families had 100% succeeded.

In Kedah everything seemed to have a gold colour, the pelamin, the decoration, everything was in the colour that matched the clothes of the bride and groom. Here in the Nipah Bay Villa everything was in blue and silver. I was wondering what the clothes of the couple would look like. It must be different from the first day.

formal greetings of bride and groom
Formal greeting of bride and groom just outside the Nipah Bay Villa

Food was already available when I arrived but I decided first to walk a bit around and shoot some pictures. In the back of the dining hall stood the pelamin, the throne for bride and groom. Like the first day of the Malay wedding in Guar Chempedak, this pelamin was beautiful but while the one in the bride's hometown was gold in colour, this one was made of blue and silver. I expected the bride and groom to be dressed in the same colours, as they did in Kedah.

I walked out to eat something and again I was again surprised by the quality of the food. I have to admit that the food in Malaysia very seldom disappoints me. It seems that at wedding receptions people do go to the extreme to prepare for the feast. I had experienced that at the Chinese and Indian weddings I had attended. This particular Malay wedding was no exception. It always amazes me what people can do with food.

arrival at Nipah Bay Villa
Arrival at the Nipah Bay Villa

The bride and the groom were getting ready in one of the rooms of the hotel. I went to see the bride, her preparation was now almost complete. In Malaysia people always want to see the bedroom of the newly weds. It was no difference here. The room was nice decorated too.

Outside people were eating and waiting for the couple to formally arrive at the hotel. At one moment the couple appeared and went outside the hotel to make a formal and traditional entrance.

Impression from the Nipah Bay Villa

After the greetings by the parents of Hazman, the couple went into the Nipah Bay Villa. Family members followed the happy couple.

Blessings from relativesOnce inside, they went to their pelamin, the throne for the newlyweds. The father of the bride, Mr. Mohd Yusoff came to the front to say a few words and prayed for health and happiness for the couple in the Muslim tradition. After the bride's father, Mr. Sabtu, the groom’s father, did a prayer too. This is of course an essential part in any Muslim Malay wedding.

After the prayers, it was time for the blessings for the married couple. First, of course both parents. Then the other members of the families and guest. And yes, I was too invited to give the couple the blessing.

It works this way, you take some rice and put it in the hands of both, then you take some bunga rampai and give this to bride and groom.

Bunga rampai is a potpourri of scented pandan, rose petals and turmeric rice grain which is usually prepared the day before using. After the bunga rampai, you sprinkle some oiled perfume on both hand and then you shake the hands of the groom (for the women, they shake hands with the bride only).

malay wedding, time for luchAfter the blessings of family and friends it was time for lunch. Like in Kedah, there was a great meal ready for the bride and groom.

After the lunch it was time to say farewell to the guests. I had spend a great two days with both families. The two days in Kedah and Pangkor had given me a great possibility to experience how Malays celebrate their wedding days.

For me, as a foreigner, I had seen two completely different days with the same key elements. However, the way both families had organized the events was fantastic. I wouldn't want to have missed it. Thank you.

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