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Lumut Heritage

Although the Lumut heritage is very small, there is still some to enjoy for those interested. It's a little hard to find the remains of the old days but I will direct you in the right direction.

Old office buildings in Lumut

The old Lumut office buildings

Pass the Orient Hotel in Lumut. On your right hand you will see a police station. Opposite you find the remains of some official buildings including the Magistrate Court of Lumut, the sign is still there. It's a building almost covered in vegetation. Inside it is no longer safe to wander around with holes in the wooden floors. Still, you can imagine it must have been a nice clean and cool working place.

Lumut heritage, old office buildings in Lumut

On both side of the streets there are buildings. None is in a reasonable state anymore. The jungle has been taking the stone and wooden houses rapidly back.

Lumut heritage, Lumut Magistrate House

The little street seems to end at a new building project. This project is located next to the Lumut Condominium. You can go around it and visit a small Indian temple. This is the starting point for a 45 minutes jungle trekking in this area.

Lumut heritage, Lumut Magistrate House

At the entrance of the jungle trekking, you can see a series of white houses, probably for staff. These houses seem to be much newer. These three rows of white houses seem to be in use by the local monkeys but some of the houses still have human occupants.

Lumut heritage, office building

And in front of these houses you will find the remains of another 2 storey building that shows some signs of Anglo Malay architecture, something you find to a greater extend in cities like Ipoh.

Lumut heritage

Lumut heritage
Lumut heritage but there's not a lot left

Office Lumut heritage buildings at the sea side

Once you are back on the main road which leads to the Navy Base, just a few hundred meters further on, you will come back at the sea side. Before the corner to the left and the base, take a look to your right. Here is a row of old office buildings, almost in total ruins. But even now, you can still see what an attraction it must have been to live and work here with a view towards the sea, just 20 meters away.

Lumut heritage, office buildings
Old ruined shophouses

The houses are totally in ruins and it's doubtful that will change soon. That said, with the development in the Lumut area, I would not be surprised if this row will soon be replaced by a new row of shoplots.

Lumut heritage, office buildings
Lumut heritage at the seaside

Walk further and you pass the back of the Orient Star Hotel before coming back in Lumut town center.

Other Lumut heritage buildings

I am not a heritage expert but there are some shop houses in Lumuts main street that look as if they have had a long history, and have been renovated.

House next to the Chinese temple in Lumut

Next to the temple in the town main junction opposite of the bus station, there's a nice old wooden house. Further on the way to the Lumut Waterfront, on your left you see some more older office building, still in use. And interestingly, following a little sidestreet, I found some more old wooden houses, not sure if they were real heritage, but they are certainly nice enough.

Lumut heritage, Lumut mainstreet

It's certainly not as impressive as cities in the areas like Ipoh, Taiping, Kuala Kangsar leave alone Penang. It is however still here and some of the buildings, in my opinion deserve some attention as they show the link to an almost forgotten past.

My Facebook has plenty more photos of Lumut and Lumut heritage. You may want to check that too.

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Lumut less then a decade ago

Pieter Kruger from South Africa has lived and worked for a few years in Lumut. He saw a very different Lumut as we know it today. When I came to Lumut, in 2003, the old ferry was no longer in service. Yet, Pieter went to Pangkor with the old ferry.

Lumut in the 1990's

He was kind enough to send us some photos of his days in Lumut, not even 10 years ago. But it has dramatically changed!

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