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Teluk Senangin real estate and land

Teluk Senangin real estate will be very wanted in the next coming up years. It could be a real tourist spot and it has everything to become that.

I'll tell you more about that in a few seconds. But first, to update your memory, here's little bit of Teluk Senangin. It is located just opposite of Pangkor Island. Read more about Teluk Senangin in our Daytrips page and have a look at some awesome photos we made.

The editor enjoying a sunset at Teluk Senangin
How about a house here? With a view like this?

Back to my statement that Teluk Senangin could be the real tourist spot in the next coming up years. What make me say something like this? First of all, Teluk Senangin has an excellent beach with white sands, blue waters and a great view over Pangkor and the Straits of Malacca.

Not for nothing the Swiss Garden & Damai Laut has build their hotel and golf course in the same area, although completely separated from Teluk Senangin.

Let's have a look at Teluk Senangin. Coming from Pangkor, you have to take the road to Taiping. You have to take the junction to Teluk Senangin. From the main road it is still another 6 km to the little village.

beach at Teluk Senangin
The beach of Teluk Senangin, there is land for sale,
just a minute from the beach, not the beach itself.

Seems quite far from Pangkor, I know. So why looking there for land? It's simple. Teluk Senangin is not developed. That is to say, not yet. You could be the first to start building. And, it's just a 20 minute boat ride from here to Pangkor.

Now, I heard of this piece of land which at this moment is available. I went there and looked for myself. This piece is located outside even the village of Teluk Senangin. Coming from the mainroad it's directly on your left hand as soon as you see the sea!

On one side there's a hill with trees and rocks. But the spectacular part is of course the sea. The area is right at the sea side. And, even better, looking west is looking at the Straits of Malacca! This means beautiful sunsets. Look above where Peter enjoys the sunset at that specific place at Teluk Senangin.

A piece of land for sale at Teluk Senangin
A piece of land for sale at Teluk Senangin, in the background the beach.

Including here we have added some more photos of this piece of unused land.

Contact our agent for some more details.

Beautiful view towards Pangkor Island
Beautiful view towards Pangkor Island

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Developments at Teluk Senangin

Recently Teluk Senangin is facing a facelift. With new hotels to attract more tourists, still locals only, Teluk Senangin is still remote enough during the week days.

Teluk Senangin

Developments at Teluk Senangin

Teluk Senangin

Teluk Senangin

Without a doubt Teluk Senangin is one of those beaches seldom visited by travelers. Apart of the weekends it's a virgin beach.

Here's more about the Teluk Senangin beach

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