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Lumut photos - then and now

Lumut has changed the last 2 years dramatically. Therefore I thought it was a good moment to add a set of photos of what Lumut looks like right now. Changes are still going on. The ferry pier to Pangkor is almost finished and few parts of the Lumut Waterfront are also under construction. However, here is a nice view of Lumut. Enjoy!

The main street in Lumut town

Pieter Kruger has lived and worked in Lumut. He was kind enough to send us some photos from only a few years ago, in fact just before I came to live here. The difference between, say 5 years ago and now is for you to discover:

Lumut Mainstreet in 2000
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The old ferry to Pangkor view over the Dindingh river Dinding River View Country road near Lumut

Lumut town

Boat in the Lumut waters

Modern day Lumut is slightly changed.. slightly?
well.... see for yourself!

Center of Lumut 
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Lumut Waterfront Waterfront in Lumut Lumut Waterfront Marina Wing Waterfront Lumut

Lumut from the ferry

Lumut Waterfront Marina Wing Lumut-Pangkor Jetty


Lumut hilltop view

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