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Our real estate agent in Penang: Mr. Yeoh

Penang has much to offer to tourists. It has also much to offer in terms of high quality real estate. The problem for me, as a foreigner to find a reliable real estate agent. It's certainly not a problem to find the bad guys. Through my partner Nazlina Hussin, we got in touch with Mr. Yeoh.

Penang real estate agent Mr. Yeoh
Mr. Yeoh and me enjoying the best asam laksa of Penang in Air Itam

Mr. Yeoh is the kind of person you want to work with. He's a long time agent in Penang, knows everything, been everywhere. And if something new pops up, Mr. Yeoh knows it. But the best part is that he understands what his client want from him. He seems never tired to give you more information and bringing you to the best possible solution for your problem.

Last week we visited one of his clients: Mr. Scott Loar Satterfield who bought a Semi D in Seri Tanjung, Tanjung Tokong, a new developed area in north Penang. Here's what he says about Mr. Yeoh:

Our Penang real estate agent E.B. Yeoh not only understood what we wanted, he delivered. From the choice of our house - and we were introduced to a range of possibilities - to the very real final details of settling in and living in a foreign place, E.B. was not only there to help but actively engaged in making sure that we stayed on the right track.

Semi D Home in Seri Tanjung Pinang with Mr Scott
Mr. Scott Loar Satterfield, his wife (right), Mr. Yeoh (middle) and webmaster Peter (left)

From invaluable advice on housing prices, future value, neighborhood features and surroundings, bank loans and legal counsel, to the mundane but necessary tasks of arranging for city utilities, contracting for services and even taking us to the home and hardware stores for the appliances and tools needed in the household, E.B. goes well beyond the practice of the usual agent. This sets him apart as an unusual person, one who understands the tastes and needs of foreign buyers one who shortens the buyer’s learning curve without cutting corners.

Again and again we have turned to E.B., and again and again E.B. knows the answer or has a solution. I’ve never had such a real estate agent before on two continents and before our second house in Asia.

Scott Loar Satterfield
15 Denai Endau 9
Seri Tanjung Pinang

After such a recommendation I have little to add here. Contact Mr. Yeoh for your queries about real estate and property in Penang:

Mr. Yeoh recommends the following properties at this moment available:

This doesn't mean he has no other property available, these are just a few of the at this moment hot areas.

Mr. Yeoh can also help you with your application for Malaysia My 2nd Home.

We highly recommend Mr. Yeoh.

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