Semi D in Sitiawan and Seri Manjung

More semi D in Sitiawan are being build as we speak. Sitiawan and Seri Manjung are booming. I went out and checked some brand new areas. Some areas are in a more finished state, others do not even have an official name board. Should you want to have a personal look, contact us.

Taman Sejati 1

Taman Sejati 1 is an old housing area. Behind the old houses a large plot of former plantation is being transformed in semi D in Sitiawan

Bungalows and semi detached houses in Sitiawan 
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Bungalows and semi detached houses in Sitiawan Bungalows and semi detached houses in Sitiawan Bungalows and semi detached houses in Sitiawan

Just next to this new area more semi D and terrace houses are being build.

Bungalows, semi-D and terrace houses in Sitiawan

Taman Maju

Taman Maju is close to Sitawans town center. This area is for the most completed but there are still houses available.

Taman Maju, Sitiawan
More semi d in Sitiawan

A little further another project is in the beginning of the building phase. Here will arise 27 new units:

Property in Sitiwan

Taman Suria

Taman Suria is partly in the building process. A part of Taman Suria is already finished and many houses are already sold but there is still some left

Taman Suria Sitiawan

Taman Ilmu

Taman Ilmu is located in Kampong Koh. It's another area with many ordinary houses but it is mixed with more high end property in Malaysia. The building process here is mostly finished but not all houses are already sold. It's a quite convenient area, within walking distance from the market of Kampong Koh and close to the ACS school.

Taman Ilmu Sitiawan

Kampong Baharu

Kampong Baharu is for the most older houses but at the far end surrounded on two sides by estates, you will find a section with new mid range housing.

Kampong Baharu Sitiawan

This area is a little far from any shopping area but that is compensated by the rustic surroundings and peacefulness.

Jalan Lumut Sitiawan town center

More shop lots are being build in the town center.

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