Thaipusam 2007, Indian festival in Pulau Penang

One of the most important festivals for the Hindus in Malaysia is Thaipusam. Here's an explanation what Thaipusam means

thaipusam starts in the first temple

thaipusam, bringing children to the temple
Happy parents bring their child to the temple and thank the Gods

This page therefore contains with a set of photos I made during the 2007 Thaipusam in Pulau Penang. It was an amazing experience for me. Not only Indians performed a Thaipusam with sticks in their mouth and bells or fruits hanging on their bodies. A number of Chinese believers and two foreigners were there. Though many men had enormous weights hanging on their body I have not see a single drop of blood or any damage on the skin. It was truly amazing that the skin of a human being can be that strong.

at the entrance of the temple

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 Chinese perform Thaipusam
Chinese perform Thaipusam too

heavy bells hanging on the body of a chinese believerThaipusam

 Long hooks in the backThaipusam

carry offerings to the mountain templeThaipusam


Thaipusam Penang

Thaipusam, iron pins in the body performing the Thaipusam

Walking the ThaipusamThaipusam


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