Tour de Langkawi in Sitiawan and Lumut 2006

The Tour de Langkawi, an international cycling race, was to be seen two days in Sitiawan and Lumut. The second stage of this international race had it's finish at the 4th of February in Sitiawan. It was a well organized finish. The Sitiawan population came out to see what a good cycling course would look like and gave the winners and the losers of the day a warm welcome.

There are 120 riders from 20 Cycling Teams who participate in the TM Le Tour de Langkawi 2006. Well-known teams as Credit Agricole (France), Yawadoo-Colba-ABM with Manager: Eric Vanderaerden and (Great Brittan) had send some internationally known riders and some young new talents.

Bongiorno wins the second stage of the Tour de Langkawim in Sitiawan
Bongiorno wins before teammate and over al leader Richeze

The most well known are some of the Credit Agricole team: Francesco Bellotti (Italy), Sebastien Hinault (France) and from the Colombia Selle Italia team Wladimir Belli (Italy) Angelo Furlan (Italy) to name a few.

The first stage of the Tour de Langkawi was won by the Argentine Maximiliano Richeze who won also the yellow jersey. The second stage brought the group to Sitiawan. After 165 km from Tangjung Malim to Sitiawan the whole group had to spring for the day prizes. It was won by Ruben Bongiorno but since Richeze was number two he kept the yellow jersey.

Tour de Langkawi, the winners in Sitiawan
The winners at the stage in Sitiawan

Sunday morning Lumut. The whole caravan was in Lumut to prepare for the start. The third stage, starting in Lumut will bring (and when I am writing this, the riders are still on the way) the riders to the Cameron Highland. The finish will take place later today (Sunday February 6).

The whole group left quite organized Lumut, pedaling at easy the first few kilometers. One man had to stay in Lumut, the man who broke the peace in the first kilometers of the second stage to Sitiawan: Yevgeniy Yakolow.

Tour de Langkawi in Lumut, the start at sunday morning
The riders seconds before the platoon leaves Lumut

He was involved in a crash and was seriously injured. After a visit to the hospital he was in Lumut at the start, he did sign the riders registration but it was clear he couldn't really cycle. His right arm and shoulder looked pretty bad. The shoulder looked blue and seemed stiff. Yakolow had to follow the peloton in a car, a set back for Team Asia.

Talk about Asia, how did the Asian cyclist do? Takashi Miyazawa from Japan is leading the Asian overall results. He was 9th in Sitiawan. Malaysia very own team had a 6th place in the team-stage results on the second day to Sitiawan.

The Tour de Langkawi will continue to Cameron Highland and through the Genting Highland, Selangkor, Malacca finally end in Kuala Lumpur with a criterion.

The photos below are an impression of the arrival of the Tour de Langkawi and the start the following day in Lumut.

Tour de Langkawi in Lumut
A few hundred meters, the third stage has started!

Tour de Langkawi in Lumut
The riders in the Tour de Langkawi have the best material available

Team Malaysia preparing for the start Team Malaysia preparing for the start
The Malaysian team ready for starting

Yellow jersey in the tour de Langkawi Maximiliano Richeze King of the Mountain in Lumut: Francesco Belloti
The yellow jersey in the Tour de Langkawi on the shoulders of Maximiliano Richeze and the King of the Mountain in Lumut: Francesco Belloti.

Hopefully next year the Tour de Langkawi comes back to Sitiawan and Lumut and will visit Pangkor too. It should be an excellent time trial parcours.

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