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Damar Laut, a little visited area opposite of Lumut

The first trip will take you to Damar Laut, Kampong Bahru and back to Lumut. It will cost you anything from 2 to 6 hours depending how much time you spend on your bicycle/motorbike and in the kampongs.

Ferry to Damar LautCan it really be 6 hours? It will be a long day! Yes, it can be a long day. If you decide to visit all the fish farms, go into every little single house and have a midday sleep too.

But, as far as I do this trip, it will take about two hours and it's enough to see what you want to see.

Lumut - Damar Laut

We start in Lumut. I assume you take your bicycle/motorbike on the ferry from Pangkor to Lumut (should be no extra costs). At arrival in Lumut, stay at the pier and look for the sign for the ferry to Damar Laut. It's a small boat and you will be able to get two bicycles on it. You pay RM 1 fare plus 1 for your bicycle.

The journey will take about 15 minutes before you arrive at Damar Laut. The pier is over 100 meters long and I do not understands why it was ever build that long. The only reason one can imagine is the mud in at the coast line.

On the way to Damar Laut

From the pier you have a fine view over Lumut and the nearby Naval Base.

On Malaysian maps Damar Laut looks like a reasonable big village. In reality it is no more then a house for the coastal guard and a pier. The biggest thing in "the village" is the sign board!

The village of Damar Laut

The road is fine. From the Damar Laut, continue on the road (there is only one). It leads to Kampong Batu Tiga. On the way you might want to explore a little of the plantations and the fish/prawn farms. There is a small asphalt road to your left on the way. It's a one way road which ultimately (as a dirt path) leads back to the Dinding river mouth.

View from Damar Laut to Lumut
View from the pier back to Lumut

Iit is located opposite of the Swiss Garden pier but there isn't a ferry available. You will have some fine views towards the Lumut Navy base. As it is a dead end road, you will have to go back to the main road.

Deep in the swamps of Damar Laut
At the end of the small asphalt road near the village opposite of Siwss Garden pier

Kampong Batu Tiga

Back on the main road, you have to climb a little bit. But the view on the first village is quite nice. It's small but very nice little kampong which seldom sees visitors. The village lies at the foot of Batu Undan, a hill you can see from far. You might see monkeys and monitor lizards on the roads.

Unfortunately some of the forest and plantation is already been destroyed and turned into wasteland (see photo below) but at the moment the destruction is minimal (especially compared to Lumut and Seri Manjung).

Quarries at Damar Laut
Some areas are used as quarries

The village is quite small. Many of the houses are made of wood although many houses have a stone foundation. Some of them are build in a more traditional way. People will be quite surprised to see you coming here. There's a little restaurant where you can have a refreshment.

The village has some nice traditional Malay houses.

The main road #5 is not far from here. Take the direction to Lumut (right). Your first challenge will be the bridge across one of the Dinding river arms.

View from Kampong Baharu at the river
Hoover your mouse over the photos to get a better view

Damar Laut kampongs Kampung Tiga Kg Batu Tiga Mosque in Kampong Bharu

Damar Laut - Kampong Bahru

Continuing on the main road it's another few kilometers back to the big road that connects Taiping with Lumut. Follow the direction to Lumut. Your first challenge will be 3 bridges on the way back.

Kampong Bahru, not too exiting ...
Kampong Bharu

You can take a short detour to visit Kampong Bahru, just a few km from the main road. Take the junction after the first bridge, there's a signboard.

The village itself is nothing special but there are some great views towards the bridge and the river. There is a motel in the village.

Kampong Bahru

Spectacular view over the Dinding river in Kampung Bharu

As Kampung Bahru is only a few km from the mainroad, you can continue on this road and cycle further to Sitiawan passing the weather station. It's about 12 km to Sitiawan (follow the signs for Sitiawan) and another few to Lumut.

Otherwise go back to the main road 5 and follow the road to Lumut, another 10 km.

But is has a nice looking motel: Rindu Alam Motel
But is has a nice looking motel: Rindu Alam Motel

Kampong Sitiawan

On the way back to Lumut/Pangkor it is possible to visit Kampong Sitiawan (not to be confused with Sitiawan). It's a tiny river village in the middle of mangrove forest. If you are interested, follow the direction to Sitiawan and Ipoh and take the junction to Kampong Sitiawan. I leave the route direction here as it goes a little beyond the scope of this page. However, if you decide to have a look, expect to add another 6 km or so to your journey.

Kampong Sitiawan
Kampong Sitiawan

So, have you enjoyed our little bike ride? Are you willing to give our second ride a try? Click here for the details.

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