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Pangkor Suspension Bridge

One of the attractions of Pasir Bogak is the Pangkor Suspension Bridge (in Malay it's Jambatan Gantung). The bridge is located a few hundred meters inside the Pasir Bogak jungle.

The starting point of the short walk to the bridge is a marker board on the main street at Pasir Bogak.

Pangkor Suspension Bridge Pangkor Suspension Bridge

It's a short walk going slightly up to the hills. You will pass a small Indian shrine while walking on a good brick path. The path ends at with two resting pavilions at the stairs leading to the suspension bridge.

Pangkor Suspension Bridge

Until a few years ago, this was the view from below to the Pangkor Suspension Bridge
(Thanks Pieter from South Africa for the photo)

There is a clear sign board not to enter the bridge with more then 5 people at the time.

The bridge is no longer to be seen from below. When you walk up there's a junction with the same warning again. Going left is a short but steep walk up (stairs). To your right you can see the bridge.

Pangkor Suspension Bridge

The entrance shows the bridge, which is in dire need for repair. I am not particularly scared by bridges like this, but on this bridge I didn't feel particularly comfortable.

Pangkor Suspension Bridge Pangkor Suspension Bridge

The bridge seem to cover a quite deep area but it was unclear what was below. To be honest, I felt better when I was off the bridge. Once you finished the bridge, turn right and right again and follow the path back to the place of origin. Some of the timber is rotten, so be careful where you walk.

Pangkor Suspension Bridge

The question is, is the bridge safe. I would say yes, it's safe but it certainly advised not to run or jump on it. And no more than 2-3 people at the same time!

Pangkor Suspension Bridge
The path to and from the main road to the Pangkor Suspension Bridge

Johan at the Pangkor Suspension Bridge

The bridge is also the end of the jungle trekking over Pangkor with a hike up to Bukit Pangkor. Here are the details of that trekking.

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