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Daytrip by bicycle or motorbike
(south of Lumut)

Here's the second daytrip by bicycle or motorbike whatever you prefer. This trip brings you, roughly, south of Lumut. Cycling south doesn't mean you will cycle all the way to Kuala Lumpur. Remember, these daytrips can easily be done in a day or if you push it a little, in half a day.

The sluices and the power plant in the back
The sluices and the Lumut power plant in the back (not in photo)

The trip starts in Lumut. Ride your bike (or motorbike) in the direction of Sitiawan. You have to go as far as the second main crossroads (you are in Seri Manjung, the Mosque of Seri Manjung is at your right site just opposite of the traffic lights). Here you go right (just BEFORE the Mosque).

View from the sluice towards the Lumut Powerplant
View from the sluice towards the Lumut Powerplant

After going right you continue until the next traffic lights and go right again. Follow this road all the way to the end (there's a curve to the left at the far side). There is a T-junction, go right, you will see the sluices.

Road to Pasir Panjiang
The road to Pasir Panjiang just after the sluice

There's a good photo to make of the local fishing boats with the Lumut Powerplant in the back.

Directly after the sluice, there's a Mosque and a small market.

Lumut Powerpant
Lumut Powerpant

Once on the road after the sluice, a few 100 meters further you will cross another small stream. You can follow the path here to your right for a kilometer or so. This leads in the direction of the Lumut Powerplant. The path is a dead end so you have to come back to the main road. Go right.

The road to the Tua Pek Kong Chinese temple
The road to the Tua Pek Kong Chinese temple

It's a quiet little road that will show you rural life in Malaysia. There are plenty of beautiful old and not so old Malay kampong houses.

Malay houses on the way to Pasir Panjiang
Kampongs all along the way

Once in Pasir Panjiang, you can visit the Tua Pek Kong temple. Once in the village, cross the stream and go right. Follow this small road until you see the White Bridge and go left. The temple is right in front of you at the seaside.

Here is more about the Tua Pek Kong temple, which is worth the effort if you are here anyway.

Tua Pek Kong near Pasir Panjiang
Tua Pek Kong near Pasir Panjiang
Here is a lot more about the Tua Pek Kong

You can visit here also the little mangrove forest park: Taman Monyet. There's a couple of shops and restaurants too. This is again a dead end street (the temple is no more then about 1 km away from the main road). Back in the village, continue to Kampong Batu Lapan Lekir which is just a few km's.

Malay house near Pasir Panjiang

Once you have arrived in Kampong Batu Lapan Lekir, you are back on the main road #5 which connects Sitiawan/Seri Manjung with Teluk Intan and ultimately Klang and Kuala Lumpur.

Kampong Pasir Pandak

Away from the road, at Kg Pasir Pandak, some prawn farms

Once at the main road, go left in the direction of Sitiawan and Ipoh. It's about 9 km back to Sitiawan. You can go two ways back to Lumut. The first one is slightly shorter then the second. If you follow the main road to Sitiawan then you have to turn left in the middle of Sitiawan. You might like to do this if you want to shop a bit, check our shopping page.

In case you prefer to skip Sitiawan, just follow the direction Lumut, Pangkor. The boards will direct you at the next crossroads to the left and from there on back to Lumut and Pangkor Island.

Around Sitiawan
Malay kampong house at road 7 in Kampong Batu Lapan Lekir

Taking this road give you the option to visit Kampong Cina. Follow the direction to Kampong Cina on this road and once in town, go left. After a church you find the noodles factory where they make handmade noodles. Depending on the time of day, they may be drying in the sun.

Back to Lumut requires you to turn back, go straight and cycle directly into Seri Manjung.

Handmade noodles drying in the sun in Kampong Cina
Handmade noodles drying in the sun in Kampong Cina

In the past I recommended visiting Teluk Rubiah. This is no longer possible. Unfortunately Teluk Rubiah is no more available to visit. See our Teluk Rubiah chapter for more on Teluk Rubiah.

It's an easy daytrip by bicycle although you have to go a bit further then the Damar Laut ride.

Go back to our Motor-Bicycle day trip page.

For the long distance cyclist this trip may be a good way to avoid a bit of the main roads.

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