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Ferry to Pangkor

There's since July 2007 again only one ferry to Pangkor, one company running the service. The ferries leave at day time 15 past and 15 to the hour. Price is RM 10 for a return ticket.

Mesra ferry to Pangkor

One of the five Mesra ferry boats

As there is no more difference between Duta Pangkor and Mesra Ferri, the boats are used between both former rivals to perform the service to Pulau Pangkor (but not to Pangkor Laut - they have their own ferry service).

Pangkor ferry


What about the safety conditions on board? Mesra ferries are build in East Malaysia at Borneo. The ships sail on their own from Borneo all the way to Singapore and Lumut, with only crew on board. Contrary to other ferries, Mesra ferries have 2 motors available. The Duta Pangkor boats do not have all the same safety precautions but this doesn't mean they are not safe.

Pangkor ferry
The Duta Pangkor ferry

Other extra safety measures are 6 escape doors, floating rafts on the upper deck and, very important, life vests for everybody on board. The crew is like airplane staff special trained to be able to help you at the highest level needed. In other words, you're in good hands.

The captains of the ferry to Pangkor are all experienced sailors in the Pulau Pangkor waters. Some of them sail in the area more then 25 years. Again, you're in good hands.

Old Pansilver ferry
Old Pansilver ferry

But to be honest, there has never been accidents in the Pangkor waters with the ferries to Pangkor to my knowledge. The two motors will hardly break down at the same time and in case necessary, an intercom is available to communicate with the mainland.

Upper deck

The Mesra ferries are the only ferries that have an upper deck available though some of the Duta Pangkor ferries have an upperdeck. This is good news for those who like to make photos from the ship. Although smoking is prohibited inside the ship, the upper deck is available for smokers who can not without.

Ferry Lumut-Pangkor Duta
Duta Pangkor ferry

Again, safety first. At the upper deck you will find the floats in case of troubles.


The Pangkor ferries sail on and off to Pangkor and Lumut. Here's the time table:
Pangkor - Lumut SPK - Lumut Lumut - Pangkor
6.30 6.40 7.00
7.30 7.45 7.30
8.15 8.25 8.15
9.00 9.10 9.00
9.45 9.55 9.45
10.15 10.25 10.15
10.45 10.55 10.45
11.15 11.25 11.15
11.45 11.55 11.45
12.15 12.25 12.15
12.45 12.55 12.45
13.15 13.25 13.15
13.45 13.55 13.45
14.15 14.25 14.15
14.45 14.55 14.45
15.30 15.40 15.30
16.15 16.25 16.15
17.00 17.10 17.00
17.30 17.40 17.30
18.00 18.10 18.00
18.30 18.40 18.30
19.00 19.10 19.00
19.45 19.55 19.45
20.30 20.40 20.30

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Lumut less then a decade ago
Pieter Kruger from South Africa has lived and worked for a few years in Lumut. He saw a very different Lumut as we know it today. When I came to Lumut, in 2003, the old ferry was no longer in service. Yet, Pieter went to Pangkor with the old ferry.

old lumut

He was kind enough to send us some photos of his days in Lumut, not even 10 years ago. But it has dramatically changed!

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