Teluk Bahang Lighthouse on Mukah Head

Teluk Bahang houses a hidden treasure. The lighthouse on top of the northern hill Mukah Head  inside the Teluk Bahang National Park is worth the effort climbing up. You can walk all the way from the park entrance, about an hour and a half, 5 km. Alternative you can take a boat and be dropped off at Monkey Beach (Teluk Duyung) from where there is a reasonable good path goes to the Lighthouse on Mukah Head.

The path is sometimes steep and partly paved through a mostly untouched jungle. On the way you might see bats, monitor lizards and if you are lucky, scorpions, lizards and snakes. However, if you come in a group, most likely the animals are gone before you can say ah!

The Lighthouse on top of Mukah Head was built by the British in the year 1883. The lighthouse stands at 242m in Mukah Head, hence its name. On good clear days, you are able to see even Langkawi from here.

Teluk Bahang Mukah Head Lighthouse Muka Head lighthouse
Left: walking up in Muka Head lighthouse
Right: Muka Head Lighthouse from the doorway

When visiting, pay attention to the architecture of the lighthouse. There is much to explore. The steep stairs and the huge wooden door are a piece of art that is no longer practiced. 

Be careful walking up the stairs. It's a steep climb to the viewing area. Leave shoes at the door.

A guide is not necessary although guides can offer some information about what you see. There's no need to worry about losing the path. If you are dropped at Monkey beach, there's a clear sign for the jungle path entrance and there's no junctions on the way up.

Monitor Lizard at Monkey Beach, the entrance to Muka Head lighthouse
Monitor Lizard at Monkey Beach, the entrance to Muka Head lighthouse

Monkey Beach, in local language Teluk Duyung is a small but gorgeous beach which locals use for fishing and weekend picnics. Best time to come is during week days (when you can see the monitor lizards coming back from fishing).

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