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River trekking in Taiping

One of the most unknown activities we can offer for your ecology camp is a river trekking in Taiping. Not far from the local Zoo you can experience a real jungle feel while not further away then about 100 meter from the civilized world without even realizing.

Mr. Goh and I went exploring the river for eventual including in the Ecology Camps Mr. Goh's Explore the Wilderness offers. And boy what a great experience it was!

Mr. Goh at the starting point of our little river trekking in Taiping
Mr. Goh at the starting point of our little river trekking in Taiping

We went to the Taiping Zoo, left our car and put shorts and light shoes on. Through a small path we reached the river bank. We started wading through the water paying good attention to the little smooth boulders in the water.

Taiping river trekking  Taiping river trekking
Left: Mr. Goh wading in the river
Right: Me having a short rest

Those boulders are a good example of the erosion of this area. I am not sure where exactly these boulders come from but I would not be surprised if they are relics of the last Iceage.

River trekking in Taiping

While we were wading through the mostly ankle-deep water stream upwards, the boulders got bigger and the water was streaming faster.

River trekking in Taiping Mr. Goh carefully balancing over the rocks at the river trekking in Taiping

Although we could have got off the river path, we continued for another short part before we arrived at the Burmese Pool, a legendary place, famous with locals who come here to cool of from the hot sun. But in the Merdeka days the British soldiers came here too, see for example this page.

View from the bridge at the Burmese Pool

The river trekking took us a little more then an hour ending at the Burmese Pool. It was a beautiful experience that really made us both sweat and cool off in the pleasant cool water. It's a very recommended activity in your Ecology Camp.

River trekking in Taiping

River trekking in Taiping

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