Ecology Camp

Explore the Wilderness has set up a great 3 days, 2 nights program Ecology Camp. The idea is to give the participants insight of ecology in and around Lumut and Taiping, based on the choice the group makes where to be stationed.  Programs are build on the choice of the group, so the program below is a typical program which can be modified to the wishes of the participants.

Taiping,  Lake gardens
We will stay in Taiping close to the Lake gardens

The following typical program offers your students a diverse range of educational experience in ecology. From learning the flora and fauna in the mangrove forest, charcoal manufacturing , fishes cultivating to learning the stalagmites, stalactites and other rocks formation of limestone cave.

Charcoal Factory Matang, Kuala Sepetang
Charcoal Factory... you can try yourself.

This program is designed to educate, entertain and provide a variety of experience for students throughout the three days.

Day One

Depart Kuala Lumpur by bus for Gopeng. The journey will take about two hours to get to Gua Tempurung (more about the Gua Tempurung Caves you can read here). A wonderful opportunity to explore this fascinating cave.

The Gua Tempurung caves
The Gua Tempurung caves

After exploring Gua Tempurung, we will proceed to Taiping and check into the hotel. After dinner we will spend about half an hour in journal writing about all that we have learned in the cave and learn about ECOSYSTEM. Ending up the evening with Team Building games.

Day Two – Ecosystem Exploration

Kuala Sepetang, Taiping

Part 1 – Mangrove Forest

After breakfast the bus will fetch us to the largest single Mangrove Forest in Kuala Sepetang, Taiping, estimated at 101,877 hectares. It has been acknowledge to be the best managed mangrove forest in the world which will be able to sustain the continuing demand for wood resources and preservations of the mangrove ecosystem.

Kuala Sepetang, Taiping

On board of a fishing boat, a unique experience

Part 2 – Charcoal Manufacturing

After exploring mangrove forest, the bus will take us to the Charcoal Manufacturing Indus try. Firewood was the earliest and most extensive exploited resource to be derived from the mangrove forest. Charcoal manufacturing industry grew into being the largest and most lucrative industry in utilizing mangrove timber resources.

Charcoal manufacturing
Charcoal manufacturing

Part 3 – Fish cultivation in floating cages in the sea

After exploring the mangrove forest and the charcoal manufacturing, the bus will then fetch us to a fishing village for lunch. There you can see fishermen bringing back theirs day catch of fishes and clams from the sea. How they are sorted out in boxes and transport out to the wholesale market in the cities.

After lunch we will go on board a fishing boat and cruise along Kuala Sepetang mangrove forest to see how fishes are cultivated in floating cages in the sea. It is a wonderful sightseeing experience as you cruise along Kuala Sepetang fishing village and into the mangrove forest.

Kuala Sepetang Fishing village

After dinner we will spent some times on journal writing and discuss on Natural Changes in an ecosystem. Ending the evening with team bonding games. Read more about river fishing around Lumut

Day Three – Natural Change in an ecosystem

After breakfast we will go for river trekking. Ecosystems are continually changing. For example, meadows change to forests, streams carve new or deeper channels, and animals migrate to new habitats. The processes of natural change includes: Geologic changes, Plant and animal succession and weather changes. 2.00pm depart for Kuala Lumpur, an opportunity to think the whole thing out on the bus.

River trekkingn in Taiping Mangrove forest in Kuala Sepetang
Left: River trekking in Taiping
Right: Mangrove forest in Kuala Sepetang

Interested in more about the river trekking we can offer? Click here to see what this is and more photos of this amazing little piece of jungle.

The program as described above contains different elements. We can tailor made the program for your specific needs.

On the boat to the kampongs in the mangrove forest
On the boat to the kampongs in the mangrove forest

If you are interested in this Ecology camp program, please contact Explore the Wilderness by filling in the following form

The Green Garden International School comes every year with a group to join our Ecology Camp, here's what they usually do: Ecology camp with the Green Garden International School

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