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Malaysia transport - the main bus stations in KL

Hentian Puduraya

Most of the Kuala Lumpur and Malaysia transport by bus goes through Hentian Puduraya. This is the Main Bus Terminal in Kuala Lumpur. From here coaches leave to all parts in Malaysia.

It is situated at Jalan Pudu which is at walking distance from Chinatown. The nearest Light Rail Transit (LRT), the metro of Kuala Lumpur, is Pudu Station. on the Star LRT line.

Dangers and annoyances in Malaysia, transport by bus can have a few dangers and annoyances. All around the bus station you can get a taxi.

Hentian Puduraya bus station Kuala Lumpur

Some of the taxi refuse to use the taxi meter. Instead they insist to negotiate on the price. Make sure you always use the taxi meter. However, the drivers know very well their way in the city and they will not always choose the shortest way.

There are many touts around the bus station. They can be very insisting, especially in the evening and night.

There will be always people taking advantage of innocent people waiting for a bus. There has been many cases of pick pocketing and bag snatching, especially on foreigners. Do never leave your bags unattended.

Hentian Putra.

This bus station mainly caters East Coast Malaysia. Here you find coaches to Terengganu, Kelantan, Pahang etc. You will find Hentian Putra at Jalan Putra. It is directly opposite of the Putra World Trade Centre (PWTC). The nearest LRT station is PWTC station on the Star line.

Dangers and annoyances.
Getting taxis can be a problem for late arrivals or early arrivals. Of course there always the touts to help you out.

Hentian Duta, Kuala Lumpur

Hentian Duta, Kuala Lumpur has coaches to the Northern States. The main company here is Transnasional Coach Services. Many of the other operators are still stationed at Hentian Puduraya Bus Terminal.

You will find Hentian Duta at Jalan Duta, next to the Hockey Stadium and Duta Tennis Court. There is no LRT station in the area. Your best bet is a taxi. Alternatively you can take the Intrakota Bus. This bus goes to Hentian Putra. The fare is about RM 1.20. Unfortunately the schedule is unreliable.

Dangers and annoyances
Hentian Duta is quite far from Kuala Lumpur. Apart from using taxies, it's quite inaccessible. Busses do run but the schedule is unreliable. There are, as always, many touts to "talk" you into "their" bus. Be carefull for pickpockets and bag snatching.

Pekeliling Bus Station, Kuala Lumpur

Pekeliling Bus Station, Kuala Lumpur is the station you need if you head for Jeranhut and Kuantan and other destinations in the North East. The nearest LRT station is Titiwangsa Station on the monorail.

Dangers and annoyances
Touts are as always annoying but further there is nothing to mention. Go back to our page on Malaysia transport by bus. Find the information on bus schedules for Lumut and for other destinations in Malaysia.

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