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Horizon Inn, the coffee shop

December 30, finally the Horizon Inn opened a very new and exciting new shop at Teluk Nipah. The coffee is supplied by Bosland coffee producers in Taiping. The opening of the shop was a success for the owner of the Horizon Inn, Mr. Sing.

Mr. Sing has his small shop in Teluk Nipah which sells some of his coffee in his restaurant at the main corner in Teluk Nipah. The coffee is good, as I tasted myself. You try for yourself, some of the coffee is served in the Horizon Inn restaurant. And trust me, the food there is good too.

Opening of the coffee shop at Horizon Inn, Teluk Nipah
Opening of the coffee shop at Horizon Inn, Teluk Nipah

Excellent pictures on display in a room adjusted to the shop came from the private collection of the family of Chinese Captain Chung Keng Kwee.

Captain Chung Keng Kwee signed the Pangkor Treaty in 1874. He was a millionaire philanthropist lvied from 1827 to 1901.

Next to the shop, under stairs at the entrance of the Horizon Inn, Mr. Sing has organized a little photo exposition which is worth to visit. There's a small overview of events that made Pangkor to what it is now.

The collection is especially interesting because of some photos of private archives and sceneries that are a hard to find these days.

I was particularly impressed with Captain Chung Keng Kwee picture and a picture of Pangkor town in 1897. Looking at this picture one can only wonder what life in those days at Pangkor was.

Pangkor Island 1897

Pangkor Island 1897

Captain Chung Keng Kwee Captain Chung Keng Kwee
Left: Captain Chung Keng Kwee
Right: Sir Andrew Clarke, Governor of the Straits Settlements

Pangkor history

But of course, the little exposition is no more then an extra for the coffee shop. Here's a few extra pictures of the coffee shop:

Coffee shop Pangkor

Coffee shop Pangkor

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Horizon Inn

Located right in the heart of Nipah Bay, the Horizon Inn is a nice little hotel with a popular restaurant.

Horizon Inn